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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by RancidPunx, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

    Well, everyone.

    I'd like to introduce myself. My name's Jesse and I'm nearing 16. Most would say I'm mature for my age. I like to think as well as have a care-free time. My friends and I have been smoking weed for the past 5 months in a pretty heavy fashion. And I've loved every minute of it.
    Right now, I've got a pretty good set-up. My best friends and I hang out almost every day just bullshitting around with Arizona iced tea and a couple grams of marijuana. We smoke and jump on a trampoline. We listen to a lot of music and it's really amazing. We also have awesome hook-ups as far as weed goes. While I'm high, I like to think. And by like, I mean I really do love to think.
    A couple weeks back, one of my bros did some intensive research on LSD-25 and concluded it's completely harmless. He showed us the facts, I respected every bit of it, and we decided we would drop acid ASAP.
    I went over my bud's house one night for a good old time including marijuana and some beer, but it turned out that two of my pals had dropped prior to my arrival. I shrugged it off, though I was somewhat hurt inside. They had (what seemed like) the times of their lives. Apparently it was super euphoric and rather trippy. They both had dropped two timothy tabs. I was determined to try this drug.
    Over a few weeks, we talked about how great summer will be:
    Laying on the trampoline, dropping, looking at the sky and trees, swimming in Lake Erie, pondering life, and overall, having "THAT" summer. I can't wait.
    So, a friend came along, (a girl a few years older than me,) and she told me all about her acid trips and how great it was and such and we decided we would do it together by the end of spring break. My friends are on vacation all spring break, so I might as well.
    I've been reading all about acid and I've read a few hundred "Acid Reports". It seems I can almost relate with everyone who's used acid in a certain way. I just can't wait to feel this.

    I'm going to get two tabs for each of us, and we're going to drop on a rainy day.

    My only fear, (which isn't really much of a probable thought), is that I'll somehow have a horrible trip and be mentally scarred for the rest of my life. It's always been a fear of mine. I know it's not very possible, at least on 2 tabs, but people react very, very differently apparently.
    Has anyone been on a similar ride? I'd really like some reassurance.

    Thank you very much and I'm sorry if these paragraphs weren't thought out completely. I just started writing after I read an LSD report.
  2. Pepopstico

    Pepopstico Member

    drop on a sunny day
  3. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

  4. Tainted

    Tainted Member

    Don't think that bad trips are neccesarily bad. A bad trip is a rough ride, but personally I prefer bad trips to any other. You learn the most about yourself with them and you gain the most thru bad trips. If your in it to just see pretty colors (which you seem like your not, referring to how you like thinking when you smoke weed) then maybe bad trips aren't your thing, but they're not that bad. FYI. Weed will make the trip more intense, but will cloud your thoughts. I used to be the biggest pothead I knew, smokin an ounce in a few days, but I prefer acid without any pot or any drug mixed with it.
  5. Tedd

    Tedd Member

    hey RancidPunx - its a thought that i think allot of people have leading up to the first time the drop. I had the exact same thoughts, i really wanted to try acid and had read heaps about it - but didn't want to have some fkd up trip and mess my head up.

    The best advice i think i can give you is to just go with it.

    "buy the ticket - take the ride"

    Don't worry about having a bad trip, if you think about it - the probability of it happening might be more. So just forget about it man, acid (in normal dose) isnt like beer in the way that you don't know whats going on. You know whats going on, but you start to think in a different frame of mind and you just trip out. The probability of you having a bad trip and completely fkin your head up is slim to none.

    Trust me - half way through your trip you will think to yourself, what was i worried about; this is fkn amazing!

    Hope that helps you out bro.

    ps smoke weeeeeeEeEeEeEdD every day.
  6. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

    I've read enough to know you must be in a very relaxed state of mind to have an enjoyable ride, but the only thing I'm worried about is not a bad trip, but a horribly terrifying trip. Sure, I can't wait to deeply examine myself for the better, but I just don't want to end up with like implanted horrifying images in my brain I can't get out or whatever.

    My ideal trip is basically waking up in the morning, riding my bike to my friends house, drop, lay in the grass looking at the trees with the sun shining down on my face while thinking deeply about my surroundings. My friends are very important to me and I just can't wait to interact with them during my trip.
  7. CaptainDave

    CaptainDave Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    If this is your first psychadelic experience, then only take one at a time.

    You can always increase the dosage later, but there's no point in jumping out of a window when you can just take the stairs.
  8. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

    Most say 1 tab just gets you woozy.. I'd really like to go wild. Please justify your statement, bud.
  9. Stand.

    Stand. Member

    when you do it. make sure you feel 100% comfortable with EVERYTHING. no second guessing! you sound like you got an awesome mindset, go into with a good mindset and have those feelings intensified tenfold. as long as you remember no matter what happens in 12 hours youll be normal again, you have nothing to worry about. its amazing the way acid can twist and manifest thoughts, even the silliest of things you thought youd never worry about can come out of your subconsiouss and frighten you. when someone who isnt me did lsd for their first time they took two tabs, it was very intense for them and it took them a few days of reflection after the trip to peice everything together and realize how amazing the things which happened were. i think the fact someone who isnt me (SWIM) didnt know what to expect, (even tho he also read hundreds of trip reports) his trip was in a sense wasted on trying to peice reality back together, while acid was rippin it apart. dont get me wrong, still an amazing trip, but i think if SWIM does it a second time he will be able to examine his surroundings and the amazement of simple things taken for granted in life. on his first trip he was too busy trying to peice reality back together he only spent about 15 minutes examining simple things (in this case it was the construction of a chair) and in retrospect he would like to do more of this. acid is unbeleivablly mindblowing, you will have a great time.
  10. Neuronaut7

    Neuronaut7 Member

    Used to be that one tab was enough to send you soaring, but from what I understand potency has gone down ssomewhat in recent years, probably due to fewer people mass-producing and thus the attempt to spread it more.

    If I were in your position, I'd take both but that's just how I am. I wouldn't say I had been careless about the whole thing, but I definitely didn't think twice about havin a bad trip. I'm actually more afraid now of a bad trip than I was when I had never done it, because I've peeked into what a bad trip could be and my active imagination has amplified that quite a bit.

    If you're afraid of a horrid trip in the way that is maybe portrayed in Fear and Loathing, don't be. Maybe you'll have some bad thoughts, things that are annoying or uncomfortable to think about though if you take the right attitude towards that ("I'm just trippin, this is so SILLY") it won't really be a problem. Just think positive y0 - think of it as an adventure, an exploration or experiment.

    I would say that probably the thing to understand the most if you're trying to learn something about yourself is that that comes AFTER the trip. Yes you'll gain insight into things but it's not the time to make changes. Consider all the things you think about (might be a good idea to have a notebook with you to write things down) after the trip, see how it changed you and what you feel you might want to change. The trip is the experience that you learn something from, and you learn your lessons in retrospect. Perhaps also write some thoughts down beorehand so that you can see how your thoughts have changed.

    Remember also to not put the pussy on a pedestal, I mean it's just LSD right?
  11. Stand.

    Stand. Member

    Oh, you could go to the local pharmacy, pick up some Vitamin B3 tablets, only round 4 bucks a bottle. Couple of those will abort a trip. So hopefully ease the fear as youll be able to end a bad trip.
  12. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

    there's no way i'd pussy out :D
    i'm all about the self examination and i can't wait to see pale trails
  13. Stand.

    Stand. Member

    trust me. before someone who aint me did lsd they never thought they would pussy out even if they had a bad trip. they knew bad trips were the best learning experiences. they ended up feeling the edges of a bad trip on their first time, with all the hassle that was going on around him, and would never ever want to go there ever. if they ever fell down one of those holes they would certainly want to end it. bad trips can shatter a person for months even years afterwards. if you got any worries about a bad trip, you WILL want to end it if something goes wrong.
  14. freediver

    freediver Member

    1 tab of good ish will do it all.
  15. eman resu

    eman resu Senior Member

    "2 or NOthin" thats my moddo
  16. Neuronaut7

    Neuronaut7 Member

    Man it's not illegal to have done acid, just fuckin say "when I did acid..." and continue your story. It's kinda obvious when you're tryin to be sneaky and talk about a friend and say "SWIM" and you should have said "when my friend ...."

    Take whatever you can, if you get four and you're two, each eat two, if you get six have three.....just trip and worry about it later.
  17. Tedd

    Tedd Member

  18. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    the only way that lsd would send you on a horrible trip that will leave you mentally scarred for the rest of your life is if you are afraid that it will.

    a bad trip for me is a lesson learned - a step in the right direction. i am doing very good after a decade of what most would consider heavy use.

    a bad trip for my brother was a horrible thing that might leave him permanently scarred. he had that bad trip and to this day considers himself to be permanently scarred from lsd - and there is nothing i can do or say to change his mind,,, he actually wants to be messed up! he only tripped a few times!!!

    "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself"-Franklin D. Roosevelt
  19. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

    all I have to say is:

    I'm going to take two tabs with a positive attitude, no fear, and some great music by my side.. I don't see anything going wrong.
  20. Peterness

    Peterness Member

    None of it is real anyway, including what we see, taste, touch, smell an dhear around us when we are 'sober'...Remember that...It quite literately is all in your head.

    I remember me and my friend, we perhaps underestimated the strength of the acid we took, we were blown off our feet sprawled out on the floor, I looked at him and could tell he was starting to get overwhelmed, had that 'fear' look in his eye...I managed to get the words out "Hey man, relax...None of it's real anyway"...When we started coming down he told me how actually that completely sorted him out and he was able to let go of the fear...

    Remember, it can't kill you, can't physically hurt you in anyway, and it'll only cause you problems in the head if you allow it too...I know i've said this time and time again, but really; You get exactly out what you put into it, ten fold.

    Good luck.

    Have fun!

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