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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by raz5, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. raz5

    raz5 زینب

    i wanted to know what it's like. how are the visuals and all of that stuff. i've dropped plenty of acid and ate plenty of shrooms so if you could compare it to experiences with them that would be great.

    a few of my friends have talked about it but when i ask how it is they're just like 'crazy'.
    i'd like to know a little more then crazy haha.

    btw i did it, it sucked
  2. CherokeeMist

    CherokeeMist Senior Member

    for me, morning glory seeds were always highly mental in a way that's very reminiscent of LSD, intricate thought patterns and greatly enhanced creativity. the visuals were nearly non-existant for me, as well as my friends.

    i'd reccomend it, definitely an interesting experience. if you can't order hawaiian baby woodrose seeds online, go to the store and get a bunch of packs of heavenly blue or pearly gates morning glory seeds and find a method of preparation online.

    sometime soon i plan on trying a tea prepared with morning glory seeds and psilocybin mushrooms, that combination has always appealed to me.
  3. freepskeep

    freepskeep Member

    I've had wonderful experiences with them but I can't eat them anymore due to nausea. Every time I've done it the nausea has been worse than the last. Just make sure you rinse them thoroughly before consuming them.
  4. raz5

    raz5 زینب

    i have a lot of nausa medicine because i have a stomach ulser. i find myself taking them when i eat shrooms (i don't like tastes of any mushrooms period) and i've never thrown up from them but a few of my friends have so i'd think i'd be good with that
  5. freepskeep

    freepskeep Member

    I've never had issues with an upset stomach on shrooms and I've eaten quite a bit, so that may not mean you're immune to nausea. The medication is worth a shot and if you're anything like me your stomach will probably be fine the first time or two. It was the repeated use that wore me down. If it is an issue you could always try an extraction but I never had the patience/motivation for it. There's a bunch of teks all over the internet if you'd like some instructions.
  6. BillyX

    BillyX Member

    for me LSA is a great drug for a changed mind set, awesome euphoria i find it better than MDMA, im just left with a awesome feeling of connection with the world and i cant get rid of the smile on my face. As for visuals i find them to be very minor if you sit there and concerntrate you might see some slight patterns etc. To enhance the visuals try some nitrous also try to get out of a general situation like siting around a house, everytime i take them in my house i dont get as much from them as i would if i was to go take a walk and sit in a park. Also another great thing ive found about them is everything you do feels like its the first time you have done it, i rememeber eating food and feeling like it was such a forgien experience. As for nausea they always hit me hard as i always grind the seeds into a powder and knock them back with some water, throwing up is probably worse than when i throw up from a bottle of cough syrup but once its over you can enjoy the trip more.
  7. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    go and look for albert hofmann's 'lsd: my problem child' on the psychedelic library (.org) - there's plenty on there about diethylamide, oliloqui (morning glory seeds/LSA), psilocybe varities and other psychoactive chemical research hofmann's took out. it will answer most questions you have apart from the ultimate understanding point of experience.
  8. nesta

    nesta Banned

    "LSA" may be obtained relatively easily through a number of licit plant sources, though extracting the compounds involved with intent to use them for drug purposes, or ingestion of the raw plant matter itself, is illicit as a number of the active compounds are controlled substances. any substances contained within which are not explicitly scheduled would definitely be illegal under drug analogue laws.

    as for the effects i'm certainly no expert, but may describe for you my knowledge based on limited first hand experience with cold water extractions of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.

    -the first ten to twenty minutes immediately after consumption are characterized by some level of tension and anxiety, largely psychologically rather than psychopharmacologically based. this is brought about by anticipation of the effects of the drug's effects, esp. the initial/primary physiological responses

    -after 20 minutes and lasting for as much as 30 minutes, intense physical discomfort usually results in sudden, often violent, purging of the GI tract, most notably via vommitting. this is a result of physically displeasing substances accompanying the main active components, the "side" effects of the main active components, and also potentially by a psychosomatic response to the onset of the drugs

    -for another 30 minutes or so after the purge, mild nausea persists. often a dull ache in the belly is a constant throughout the experience, but may be relieved through use of ginger (which will not effect the effects of the drug qualitatively) and cannabis (which will qualitatively effect the experience)

    -at the peak of the experience, one may fall into a rather sedated, dreamy stupor/trance. consciousness is not lost, but one may feel markedly less alert than with similar psychedelics such as LSD or mushrooms. an intense urge to lie down and shift between near sleep/dreaming and more alert psychedelic states is usually experienced.

    -visuals are less imposed upon the environment and more of an ethereal, dreamy variety. CEVs are far more present than OEVs, and may be novel compared to those of other classic psychedelics. the peak may last for as long as two hours

    -after the peak (which occurs early in the experience) the decline to baseline is more familiar territory, bearing strong resemblance to LSD or magic mushroom effects in low dosages. a physical sensation of energy and vibration throughout the body is present, similar in nature to the feeling one gets with a big yawn while stretching, but far more long and persistant in nature. the stomach ache, however, tends to persist for the whole experience, unlike with LSD or mushrooms.

    -a slightly jarred, jittery feeling may persist after the vast bulk of effects have subsided, and sleep may be difficult to come by for a while. also, the stomach ache is likely to persist for a few hours after all noticible psychedelic effects have vanished

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