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  1. what is love we may ask?

    as a child love is the parent.. it is a warm bed.

    the ocean. the woods. the sun.
    the moon.

    love is what keeps us warm and feeling (safe)

    later, love is more difficult to understand

    it seems to fade
    into the wind...

    you're walking on one day- and all you think you've loved
    all you've known
    it passes (or seems to)

    and what has love become?
    life stops to make sense

    later on- the sighs become longer and harder
    sometimes you're out of breath

    love sometimes is hard to think of
    idealogy lost
    it's hurtful at times

    but still that ocean, the trees, the sun, the moon
    the warmth of a pet
    the smile from a stranger

    you learn that love is nothing but you
    you are love

    without you... love would be nothing

    but love is everywhere
    and it will embrace you

    if you let it

    but dont expect it to be what you expected it to be

    it will never be

    but it will be hidden

    in that tree...

    only when you dont expect it
  2. indescribability

    indescribability Not To Be Continued

    love is weakness entering the body
  3. love is the only thing that can kill you

    and save you

    love is so misunderstood

    some so eager to love

    but they really dont know

    that love is not real-
    yet it is

    love is just you

    it's all around you

    but only in you
  4. andcrs2

    andcrs2 Senior Member

    love is lost and can't find its way home
  5. but when home is lost

    and not found

    love is all that is found
  6. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    :'( that was beautiful
  7. hahah, thanks, i think. i know it sucked but i just have to get my thoughts out from time to time. :)
  8. indescribability

    indescribability Not To Be Continued

    love is nothing more than a chemical reaction in your brain, through hormones, to stimulate procreation
  9. funny. i read a lot of research and that's all that the "typical" love is.

    kinda sad when you realize those loves you had... are just chemical.

    but there is a love deeper then that.

    for self and the universe.

    it's a bit harder to find though...

    it's only by letting go (of even love!!).. that you can find it.
  10. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    Nah I dont think it sucks, it was pretty good :p
  11. thanks. just my thoughts.. haha
  12. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    I don't believe for one second that love is just a chemical reaction. I am going to be a scientist, but I will never believe that.
  13. there are different loves. the chemical reaction is just the love that most people are familier with.
  14. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    Exactly. I am sure that chemical reactions are a kind of love. But I don't think that certain loves can ever be explained, which makes them so wonderful.
  15. yeah the chemical reactions create kinda the more lusty, "oh, im in looove!!" reactions!

    ya know?

    the more subtle are usually real love but it always comes from self.
  16. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    Yeah. The chemical kind is probably more for procreating (sex :p ), since that is something that we are programmed to do.
  17. correct!
  18. "love is a grave mental disease" ~Plato~

    "from their eyelids as they glanced dripped love" ~Hesiod~

    "Love is not the dying moan of a distant violin - it's the triumphant twang of a bedspring" ~ S.J Perelman ~
  19. love is in the hazing of the eyes

    the eyelids falling,

    being asleep

    it's in the weary bones

    in the mind- that wont forget

    the body awakes, the bones hurt
    movement so difficult
    the joints hurt
    the body arises

    it hurts

    love is there

    the window opens
    hate is there

    love shines through

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