Love Won Out

Discussion in 'Gay' started by M4rt1n, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. M4rt1n

    M4rt1n Member

    This is a sight run by Focus on Family and it's all about helping gays become not gays using the power of Christ's love or some BS like that. My question is what exactly are the two hands on their web design doing/not doing?
  2. I think they are just "reaching to the sky/god" // praising.
  3. I think they should concentrate on not gays not doing gay stuff first
  4. not_sad

    not_sad Member

    I would "love" to listen to those guys if I wouldn't hate it so much. My favorite argument is: "It is not natural!" and when you tell them about example of homosexuality in nature they refuse to believe it!
  5. enk

    enk Member

    They are happy to spout phrases such as 'love won out' or 'Love trumps all' and then fail to apply it to themselves. It sickens me to see such a devotion of time, effort and energy spent on a futile attempt to make human sexuality conform, all morally justified by a mass-misunderstanding of language. If only they actually studied the bible..

    Look up the meaning and origins of the word Eunuch.

    They are Immature, plain and simple. They are mentally undeveloped. Some people go from birth to grave without ever letting go of their grasp on their own Insecurities and harmful attitudes, and the world suffers for it

    The world suffers from these people.
  6. Gregggles

    Gregggles Member

    I'd just like to see them turn me straight....
    i reckon it'd be a right barrel of laughs XD

    i'd sit there with my legs crossed at the knee, looking as gay as possible with one raised eyebrow while they tried all their ways of turning someone straight that have "worked".

    then at the end of it, i'll find the best looking one out of the lot of them, snog him and say "I don't think it worked". Then just laugh :)

    i wouldn't try and change their minds, 'cos they don't listen whenever you do because they know you're making perfect sense.

  7. Christians still believe Dinosaurs don't exist, so their opinion is not a credible one to me.

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