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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by fluttersteke, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. fluttersteke

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    I just wanna know what you would do in this situation. This is kind of a love vs. career question because I've reached that time in my life when I need to choose between the only guy I've ever fallen in love with or a career that gives me the lifestyle I always dreamed of.

    Here is my story.

    I am 24 yrs old. I've been dating this guy over 2 years now. He is my best friend and he's the only guy I've ever completely opened up to. I never really open up to anyone. He is the only guy I ever loved and we both see a future togethe. I'm not talking about a wedding just yet, if at all. But I do know I want him in my life for a very long time and I can easily see us together years from now.

    For the past few months I've been living in Los Angeles, CA. I've been doing some modeling and acting for the past few years. I've lived in LA before but my career was struggling and I wanted to move back home. Now I made my little come back and I've become very successful. I've been making good money and I've been given a good amount of fame. Not just that, but i made a really good group of friends here out in LA. None of them are models or movie stars, but just average people. I've become pretty interested in the club scene out here too. Every weekend I have been having the time of my life and I feel like I belong here. I like living in a fast-paced world and I've been living the dream life.

    But honestly, I don't care about having a lot of money and the fame that comes with it. I just want to be able to pay all my bills and still have money to do what I want. It's mostly my friends and the underground parties I've been attending that makes me wanna stay here. I just finally feel like I belong somewhere.

    But here is the problem. My boyfriend wants to live with me. He wants to move with me out west and we live happily ever after. I want the same thing. The only problem is, he has medical issues with his back. Severe medical issues. He might have to get surgery but he's unsure. Either way, he can't move away with me for at least a year. He is stuck in the state of Michigan for at least a year. He says maybe even forever if his surgery doesn't go well. I'd be willing to quit work to stay home but I don't wanna leave my friends. What do you think?
  2. Zorba The Grape

    Zorba The Grape Gavagai?

    I myself would always choose love over career. That being said, why does he need to remain in Michigan to deal with his back issues? My assumption is that his doctor/surgeon is there. If this is the case, it's entirely possible to have him referred to another specialist in the LA area.
  3. RandomOne

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    I think the decision is one only you can make, some people value relationships more than career and vice-versa. Personally I value my career more than relationships but maybe I just haven't met the right person to make me believe otherwise. I wouldn't give up your career for one man unless you're absolutely sure you will be with him until you grow old. I think you can find some way to have the best of both worlds, to keep your job and still be with him, it will just take some time. GL with your decision.
  4. kinulpture

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    definitely love over career.

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