love..... how we love...

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by saffronfrancisburnet, Jan 4, 2005.

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    for all,

    settle now,the dust has fallen
    body soul mind with heart,
    in cannon.
    know not what love should be.
    only the trust ,the path for real.
    to awaken,the drops of swollen
    love in full glory,risen today.
    what the world longs to see,
    in fools of folded memories,
    moments forgoten,peace
    betrayed. we love ,to be.

    finger the hairline,sun stretched
    so far.
    body soul, mind follows heart.
    fall for no one,they long for this.
    to collect the feelings ,feeding
    softley, free.
    forbiden fruit,who says so....
    awaken to glory ,love unknown.
    walk the path,unchanged by many.
    love is a past time,if not for you...
    for me..for all.
    so many.

    you view inside,a tingle begins
    yet slowly to alter ,this i see.
    so trust,enchanting moments
    like these. we love......
    now awaken....

    from saff
    loven peace

    this is all life can be
    rise to all,stand to be free.
  2. saffronfrancisburnet

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    for all

    love still lingers,whatever the moment,
    has it done.
    none to moan nor run.
    yet lovers lips kiss,belong to eachother,
    belong within.
    i followed the rays,drops from our skies.
    a body of soft delight,tender ripples
    windswept life....
    soul driven beyond reach now.
    let go all.nothing feared nothing
    to fall.
    fruits of excitement ,ripe to taste.
    bulid in gardens ,human minds
    do waste.....
    love still trails,it holds so well.
    not a moan nor a runner .
    yet tranquil lips,touch everwhere,
    deep within...
    trickle lightly,swollen fell.
    none to explain,none can..
    love will not reveal ,its

    thank you love n peace

    from saff
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    thanks for the words.. they ring true.
  4. kidder

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    0 we love.... is one of your best yet, Saffron! Some of the lines I really like are:
    'to awaken,the drops of swollen
    'finger the hairline,sun stretched
    so far.'
    There's a wonderful sensualness in this poem mixed with ripe innocence. Liked it a lot!

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