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    hi all..

    sorry to write in English.. not et fluent in french!
    my question is:
    in English
    renter.. is used
    someone who makes regular payments in exchange for uses property;

    and also
    one who allows someone to use property in return for regular paymen

    one word can refer to tow opposite meanings..
    and also there are other words can be used to mean one of these meanings..
    such as: tenant, lodger
    in french i found the words:
    louer et locataire: which we can use to mean the proprietor?
    and which for the other..i mean how to separate in using them?


    thanks for being here..
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    Sorry for my english but:
    in french "le locataire" is the one that live in a place he don't own and he pays "le loyer" to the "propriétaire" who is also called "le bailleur".
    "le bailleur" is the person that makes a contract of rent with "le locataire" = this contract is "le bail"

    So we don't use the world "loueur" but "bailleur" or the more common "propriétaire"

    However you can use the verb "louer" for both of them : "le locataire loue un appartement à Paris" and "le bailleur loue son appartement de Paris"

    Hope I could help
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    merci beaucoup
    vous avez fait une grande aide ...

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