losing interest in people sexually?

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by thecolorofsleep, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. i know i posted this in the "gay" forum already but i figured this would fit here as well?
    so i've had my decent share of boyfriends and girlfriends. I think males and females are quite attractive. but only to look at. as soon as i think of doing anything sexually with them i feel grossed out, almost repulsed by the thought of it. even my last boyfriend (who i was with for nine months) couldnt get me into liking sexual acts. i dont know what it i. but it worries me a little. what do you think about the whole thing?
  2. I think it means you really aren't into a sexual relationship with that person. And - you shouldn't be too concerned - because when you really are into someone - I would be willing to bet you will want to be sexual - in fact - will even be horny for them.
    Revulsion is a way for our body or mind to let us know that something isn't good for it.
    I went thru a stage in my early 20's (prob about 22 to 23) where I would get a nasty stomach ache after I would cum. Got to the point where even the thought of having sex would make me nauseous. Up until then - I had been having mad 'great' sex. But really - was getting nothing from the relationships except the ego boost of getting laid.
    Anyhoo - I just stayed away from sex for awhile - focused on creating intimate connections with folks that involved the mental and the emotional. Amazingly - once those 2 things got strong - I became very interested in the physical again.

    So yah - my advice would be - ease off on the physical and explore the mental/emotional/spiritual. The physical will feel great again - you just need to center yourself.

    Good Luck - :)
  3. Or not

    And from now on in every airhead he mentions it too says something intentionally vague like that because they feel its something they are supposed to say...when it doesnt come back, will make him feel more like a freak, more like there is something wrong with him

    Not sure if OP is male or female, not that it matters. All sex is disgusting we wouldnt bother if we didnt get horny, the hornier you are the more likely to overlook the gross bits. Maybe colorofsleep hardly ever gets horny - asexual, or gets as horny as the rest of us, but still thinks its all too gross.

    Maybe its always going to be gross, and thats the way thecolorofsleep is meant to be
  4. kokujin

    kokujin Senior Member

    it's things like this that make me not want to go far off the deep end when it comes to ego dissociation and crazy stupid mental philosophy. Some parts it's just nice to be human and normal.

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