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Discussion in 'Movies' started by meutbal, May 30, 2007.

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    [font=&quot]i am desperately looking for a film i saw about ten years ago in some cinema-cafe.
    i hope someone can help me out, as the things i remember from it are very scarce.

    i remember it has something to do with some sort of a dysfunctional relationship between mother and child (daughter)? i remember the lady (short hair, white face) coming down a staircase wearing a white sleeping gown and the child is sitting in a room to the side of it.. so, the mother comes down, halts, turns her head towards the child and gazes in the direction of the child with a scary, piercing look and sort of beady eyes (there's a close-up of this shot). i can't seem to remember any spoken words, i don't even think anything was said in this particular scene.
    it could be anything from the 70's to the early 90's.. the scene was well visible, it wasn't shot in twilight or dark or something, neutral colors.. mostly white, i guess.
    the handling of the camera was very "perpendicular". you see a straight shot of the room, and the scary lady just walks into the view, turns her head and stares right into the camera, which is the opposite room, where the kid sits/stands. she acts a bit zombie-like, could be a mental condition or something. the overall atmosphere is somewhat ominous, yet serene. it's a slow scene. i'm not sure, but it seemed as though the kid was somewhere she wasn't supposed to be, or awake while she was supposed to be sleeping or something, but i'm also sure the lady doesn't say a word to her.
    well, to be honest, that's it.
    any hints are welcome.

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    maybe uh....shit.. oh mommy dearest? idunno..could be

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