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Discussion in 'Protest' started by Papillon, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. Papillon

    Papillon Member

    I might get in trouble but this is the last cast...They will be mad since I am overdoing it on this forum...
    Hello My name is Papillon
    I am an old hippie. I use to play music in the 70ties. I came back to thinking of myself as a singer song writer.
    I am also french canadian.
    I would like to work on a special project with some people and also share poetry and music on this forum.
    There are a few problems. I went traveling and got lost on the hippie trail for 34 years. Lived mostly in a bus. So I started writing songs in the English language.
    I have spelling problems now in 3 languages. French that I almost forgot to write. English my second language. Anspanish. So I am self concious of these weaknesses.
    I write mostly about revolutionary subjects. Stuff like the war in Iraq. The environment.
    I am looking for collaboration. Mostly because I feel that connection is the ticket for bringing the subjects I write about to the FRONT.
    I like rock jazz and these influence my music. But it is folk primarely since I play accoustic guitare with fingerpicking styles. I also like weird tunings like DADGAD and DADDAD.
    I have a very good Idea. Not about a song but about a philosophy. So I am fishing right now. Trying to hook insoired motivated people to be interested in that project. It is way too long for me to try to explain it with this post. I am also always on the hunt for collaboration in music. So if you are a musician, a producer of dreams and utopia and or someone that feels they would like to put heads with me and others e-mail me.

    I will post one poem song here and give a link to the vide .wmv of it to be listened to. This one is about Iraq. It is called headlines.

    song written by Papillon

    I Just need a little hope as I wander down the street.

    Kidnapped by the headlines that keep me on my feet

    Villains and vigilantes ride the same parade

    The media points the arrows and show who to invade

    Graffiti fills the walls they call it regime change

    The music just gets louder and sounding kind of strange

    Call it code orange an new world order western democracy

    When you got the power you can write the A B C


    Have been part of those who’ve been lied to all their lives

    I just know by instinct to read between the lines

    Words from all these experts the generals and the knights

    All these high tech vandals who’ve never seen it right

    When it comes to bleeding I know who’s blood will run

    It’s not the first time they want some killing done

    They are thirsting for heroes they always know the facts

    With a simple speculation they can destroy Iraq


    While uncle Sam keeps tabs and blinks at all our files

    Checking all our credits our mail and how we smile

    While machines just get faster better memory and cup’s

    It all feels like a nightmare in a NAZI zoo

    Meanwhile aids still kills thousands every day

    But that is so far might as well be the milky way

    Short attention deficit disorder affects 58 percent

    Most people don’t even vote for the president


    Meanwhile we see the victims very quickly on TV

    all that collateral damage keeps piling up you see

    Broken lives are harder are harder to repair

    Than bombing cities leaving orphans every-where

    If I was a child living in Baghdad

    They destroyed my school

    And then they killed my dad.

    Then I might differ in opinion deep in my head

    And one day drive a car with a dirty bomb instead


    Children must worry as new enemies come to be

    Driven by their martyrs and leaders on TV

    Finger pointing experts and preachers of Jihad

    Singing to the masses in the angry ciudad

    If a secret deal was stuck in Athens or Hong Kong

    between a fanatic and some-one with a bomb

    Bigotry greed things you can’t ignore

    Especially when your leaders are marching you to war

  2. SDS

    SDS Member

    Papillon nobody in this world cares about anybody unless they're already a celebrity.

    There are so many people in this overpopulated world with talent that nobody cares about anybody who has talent. Maybe eons ago when everybody knew everybody on a person to person basis everyone was a star...

    And nobody cares about old hippies.

    And 53 years old jesus fucking christ nobody is going to care about someone that old.

    I am 54 years old.

    Papillon I think I have certain talents. I'm proud of the stuff I wrote under the "Lunch" post but I could never write a song like you wrote.

    And I am into philosophy...

    Papillon I will remember you and I wish you -- I wish the both of us -- the best of luck. You just never know...
  3. Papillon

    Papillon Member

    Dude with an attitude like that I will never bring you to a party unless I really never want to get laid. But maybe you have something about your 54 years here that does til hard check this site out.
    I use to be a Canadian SDS
    I am going to have an eye out for you also LOL
  4. Papillon

    Papillon Member

    oops I misspelled in my post. it sais cups but in fact it is CPU as in central processing unit... Too much ganga ...Sorry
    While uncle Sam keeps tabs and blinks at all our files

    Checking all our credits our mail and how we smile

    While machines just get faster better memory and cup’s

    It all feels like a nightmare in a NAZI zoo
  5. Papillon

    Papillon Member

    as in plural
  6. Papillon

    Papillon Member

    [​IMG] While uncle Sam keeps tabs and blinks at all our files

    Checking all our credits our mail and how we smile

    While machines just get faster better memory and cpu’s

    It all feels like a nightmare in a NAZI zoo

    Meanwhile aids still kills thousands every day

    But that is so far might as well be the milky way

    Short attention deficit disorder affects 58 percent

    Most people don’t even vote for the president
  7. SDS

    SDS Member

    Hey Papillon tell me about your experiences in the Canadian SDS. What were they into at the time you were involved? SDS became more radical and factionated as time went on until it self-disintegrated around 1970. What factions were active in Canada where you were? Did you keep any SDS literature?
  8. RevoMystic

    RevoMystic Member

  9. Papillon

    Papillon Member

    Hey SDS
    What we had in Montreal was lots of draftdodgers and a American deserters and draftdodgers comitee made up of americans choosing to live for a while in Canada and Canadien pacifists. The SDS that I recall was American with the wethermen on one end and everybody searching for their role.
    We had a few cool things such as the Nguyen Van Troy mouvement that colected funds for a childrens hospital in Viet Nam. The hemispherique conference on Viet Nam with delegations from all over North Central and South AMerica. Quakers. black Panthers elected senators from chile ( that were to become members a few years latet in Salvador Allende goverment) SDS and lot more...
    One big moment for the pacifist here was when Tke Kent shooting happened, we chartered 4 buses and went to washington for the biggest and fun that is right fun rally. I prtotested the war, fell in love and learnt masters of war on the guitar with that trip. It was something else...
    Where were you back then?[​IMG]
  10. cobcottage

    cobcottage Member

    I believe in you pap. :)
  11. SDS

    SDS Member

    Papillon sounds like you were into some pretty interesting things with some pretty interesting people. Your description of SDS at the time sounds right with the Weathermen and any number of other factions with varying perspectives.

    In 1969 I was a freshman in college north of Chicago. I remember the very first day there they got us all together and we sang folk songs like "If I Had A Hammer". A kid down the hall from NewYork state was talking about the brick of hash he'd bought just recently. There were (still are) two freshmen dorms both shaped like this "[" mirror images of one another facing each other like this "[ ]". There was a drive going between them but one end was kind of a weeded no mans land and it was -- full of pot plants growing right there on campus! At the end of the year somebody did a survey and there was only one person on our floor who had not smoked at least one time. You could walk in there anytime and the place was lit up.

    That fall the "Days of Rage" took place in Chicago by the Weathermen and the trial of the Chicago 7 was going on. Always a cautious person I wasn't involved with those nor was I in the SDS it was very radical by that time. I wish I'd been more involved than I was. But better late than never.The kid right across the hall from me I think was in Weathermen he was never there they said the FBI was looking for him he was far out wonder what ever happened to him. This was all in the months right after Woodstock.

    The next spring was Kent State just like you remember and that was the most intense time. Our university shut down the road barricaded they didn't burn down the ROTC but almost. Kent State always meant alot to me maybe because I grew up not far from there took some summer courses there you can still see the bullet hole in the sculpture behind Taylor Hall...

    From 70 to 71 was the most intense time it was like there really was going to be a revolution. Maybe someday there will be.

    There's a lot more to say and a lot more than just sentimentality and reminiscences but that's enough for now.
  12. Papillon

    Papillon Member

    Oh well
    I have good ideas about the revolution my friend. I need help. The revolution needs help. I need thinkers dreamers magicians lawyers writers poets singers people who know how to create heart songs culture and teach people and inspire people to share their songs poems and learn how to listen. I need funds. I need people to write in good English good French and good Spanish and all the other languages too. I need to learn how to chat and learn how to speak better and communicate well.
    I have a lot of other things on the internet and other peoples reply to my vision by the way. I have been fishing for a week.
    Notice the date I posted on this forum.
    I also want to share this view with you.
    Today in the world the whole discussion is about Democracy. A war has been waged in it's name. It has divided the world into two very different views. One being the prevailing view that you must overthrow un-democratic regimes and install democracy. And the one shared by most of the European community Canada and a lot more.
    We know that the media is mostly a machine to gather momentum either to vilainize a society or a politician like they do with Saddam and any other country that isn't sold out to the corporations. Or that doesn't join the fold.
    I think that the entire left should run a campaign of sensibilisation about a democracy. I think a web site should be created with a login and to join one would need to be a real person or something to that effect. Some catchy name should be given to it so that people all over the world. Then it should be very visible in the main announcement is that the whole purpose of this is to build true democracy. Then you go on to define a little what democracy is about. Notions of a person rights society’s rights nice stuff.
    Then lots of polls about things. Showing up on the first page. And all through out the site. A whole site full of forums and places for people to read opinions on like this one.
    There are many ideas floating around. One called take back the media, And democracy now. But the point of this site would be to create Democracy.
    The login would give it credibility Imagine if there was a poll today throughout the world the question being do you think the USA will achieve security in the world if it pursues its foreign politics the way it has been focused un the last 5 years. Imagine if all the left minded people only talked about that for a few months. If Michael Moore had a movie about it. This web site and this campaign would be the product of a very large gathering of individuals regardless of party affiliations or religious or sexual choices. It’s job would be to engage the entire planet with a stimulating challenge the one of creating a culture of democracy. Of free exchange of opinions. And the other stuff democracy means.
    I would like to see science forums. I am passionately curious of bionics. I see the current realizations of science quite astonishing and impressive although I hate to see how most of it is used for to produce too much stuff just because it makes money or how to kill people. But humanity does seem to know a lot but it does not have a culture of democracy and plurality. People vote for who they think will win. Some also look at the politicians agenda but I think it is the minority. When issues get raised then the issues become a little more important.
    OK what do you do about those who do not have computers and whatever. Well you have activists that organize group meetings at the neighborhood level. You tell them the outlines of the campaign and then you register their votes. Then you inform them what those results were. The media would cover that!
    You could have phantom governments. Committees whatever name it. Show people how to participate. Not by snobbism or making them feel they are not important or they don’t know enough about it to have a valid opinion.
    You talk about fundamental issues too. Don’t try to recruit them to your particular solution as much as inform them that they should be part of the solution. Since sometimes they are part of the problem.
    But I am realistic like you SDS I know I am just an old hippie!
  13. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    hey, papillon. :D

    i love your dream and your ambition. i think that a lot of what you're looking for already exists in the online world. definitely write down your songs and record your music. you can share them with people online very easily. i see that you have a vision that you want give the world.

    i think that you have the enthusiasm to see your project thru. :D
  14. DrSpaceman

    DrSpaceman Member

    If it's about Iraq, maybe you want to try a really weird tuning: BAGDAD
  15. DrSpaceman

    DrSpaceman Member

    Sorry about that—I can never resist a good pun, or a bad one for that matter. Anyway, now that I have that out of my system, I went back and checked out your lyrics, and they really tell it like it is.

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