Looking for friends in Texas.

Discussion in 'Gay Personals' started by zeke in the swamp, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Actually I have friends in Texas but not many gay and bi. friends here. I am 47 and live in a swamp in S.E. Texas not too far from Houston to the West and Beaumont to the East. I'm about in the middle. (Story of my life). I have been traveling for quite a while and only came back home to the swamp about a year and a half ago! I left this swamp in the 70's as a young boy and lived on a commune outside of Austin. Now after a Siddhartha like circle, I'm fucking back!

    I love animals and have a redbone coonhound and an ancient labrador. I am a writer/photographer of no great importance but it almost pays the bills. I do animal rescue in my spare time. I spend a lot of time in the swamps and rivers here taking pictures of wildlife and plants.

    I have a couple of vehicles but my favorite is my 78 VW van. It just friggin RAWKS!

    I would like to meet some guys around my age or slightly older/younger.

    If all I make are friends I am cool with that and if more great! I do not drink or smoke "cigarettes" but I dont care if people do........usually.........

    A good sense of humor goes a long way with me and physical appearance is not everything. A kind heart and love of nature are all the better. Money means so little to me.....and I am serious about that. I have everything I need in life at the moment.

    I'm new here but I did put a couple of pictures up.

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