Looking for friends in LA please have a look.

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by 00MrNotWrong00, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. My name is John Christopher Dadds I have some friends that work in L.A. They believe I could have a very good chance of finding work there. I'm looking for a place to stay, I have many skills and I'd be happy to provide services for as long as I'm there if I'm excepted. I'm sending this email to many different communities and I hope to hear from some one very soon. If I sound like some one that can be of use to you please get back to me as soon as you can. The following is a list of my skills and services I'd be happy to provide.


    Plumbing work/services : I've been doing work in this field on and off for the last ten years

    Electrical work/services : I apprenticed under a master electrician for a year and a half, watching every move he made and remembering every word he said.

    Carpentry work/services : I've done a lot of carpentry work and read a few books on the subject

    Tree Climbing/lumber making : I worked with The Care of Trees for a year and a half, learning all the ins and outs of climbing, rigging and precision felling.

    Gardening/green house work : I've grown a lot of vegetables and I know a few secrets, I'd be happy to construct a nice sized greenhouse if needed and I'm sure I can double your potato out put.

    Roofing/roof patching : Leaky roof ? I'm your guy.

    Auto/car maintenance : I've done engine swaps, I've replaced starters, breaks , master cylinders, transmissions, lower control arms, alternators , distributors, radiators , shocks , struts , springs and I helped a guy install all the AC components and charge the system of a car that was shipped with no AC.

    Wood working /furniture : I've been doing wood working of one type or another for as long as I can remember.

    Light Masonry/ patching : I'm no brick layer, but I've been jack hammering through the slabs in peoples homes to get to broken pipes for years, Then repairing the hole when the job is finished. I also fix holes in drywall.


    Dig/Build a very nice 10x10 root seller

    Set up a small wind farm

    Set up a small 14x14 fish farm

    Install a 2000 foot Geo thermal loop

    Set up a maggot farm

    Set up a composting toilet

    Build a solar furnace to help heat a home

    Build a solar hot water heater


    How to play the guitar

    How to make fuel grade alcohol

    How to make bio diesel


    Glass blowing


    Brick laying

    Proper fiber extraction from hemp

    And anything else I can pick up from anyone that knows anything I don't.

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