Looking for face mask suggestions :)

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Cate8, May 24, 2007.

  1. Cate8

    Cate8 Senior Member


    I am seeking some juicy little recipes I can use to create my own face masks for my normal/sensitive skin type. (sometimes dry, sometimes oily :p)

    I was looking them uponline but thought it would be better to check out on some recipes that mamas here use. Also, if anyone here knows about using olive oil for hair? My hair is very dry due to flat irons and colouring. How do I go about the olive oil treatment? Is that the best thing I can do? Thanks!! :D
  2. the oil treatment is tedious.. unless you mean the bought version. for dry hair there are many products in the shops.. other than that i can`t think at the moment.

    ingredients that are good for sensitive skin: chamomile: softens, soothes, whitens, gently cleanses. honey: softens, heals. parsely: a conditioner for dry, sensitive, troubled skins. peppermint (is quite pleasant) stimulating astringent, clears complexion. rose petals: soothing, gentle cleanser, refining, softening. milk: softens, whitens. yogurt: oily skin. sour cream: dry skin. cucumber: gentle astringent. there`s egg yolk and other things, but i wont recommend them as i haven`t tried them. what i`d strongly advise are chamomile, parsely, honey. they are awesome.. the best you can use for such skins.. oh and leave them on for 20-30 min
  3. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    Avocardo on your face is good
  4. Brand New Soul

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    I heard that if you mash up chickpeas that it will take the crap out of you face. I've never tried it but my neighbor across the street does it and her skin is beautiful. For zits I have a vegan book and it says to put crushed garlic on them.. I've tried this it worked. (note though I would sit in hot steamy bath to help open the pours more... 5 mins.. it sort of stings.)

    And for hair.. I've heard of the olive oil thing...never tried it. But I wouldn't use to much maybe a tablespoon, and then shampoo it out.
  5. TheLittleOne

    TheLittleOne Senior Member

    Sometimes I use an egg white, mixed with a few drops of lemon juice as a face mask. It dries up oil and tightens pores quite well.
  6. ethereal

    ethereal Member

    Oooh... that sounds fun! ill have to try it, thanks for the hint!
  7. SilverClover14

    SilverClover14 Senior Member

    I like mixing up honey and an egg, scrambling it, and leaving it on my face for an hour or so.

    Also, to tighten pores and help with redness or acne, I mix a few uncovered asprin with a little bit of aloe lotion and leave it on my face for 20 minutes. You can use water in lieu of aloe, but it flakes off much easier. It tightens pores, gets rid of blackheads, and helps ease redness.

    Olive oil is too heavy for most hair. I use jojoba oil very rarely all over (starting 2 inches from scalp) and most nights at drop at the very ends of my hair.

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