looking for brothers and sisters to join our small hippiecommune in south spain

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by P.K.J., Jan 20, 2009.

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    peace brothers and sisters!!!!

    my wife rénate and i are both excited hippies, originally dutch and since one and a half year decided to sell everything we had to move to the south of europe and live a simple hippie life in a beautiful aerea with the best climate of europe.... so we found something about 40 km from malaga, a piece of land with a lot of orange trees and decided to buy that.

    after working on it for about a year we decided that's it good to start a small christian hippie commune, to live with people together and share life together with about 10-12 people and prepare a place where we can be happy and love eachother with Father's Love and love the people who are living around us.... we love natural food, sometimes drink beer and wine

    if you are interested to join us and if you are looking for a hippie Jesus commune, please contact us...... we are recently part of a group called Fatherheart ministries.... www.fathershouseeurope.com
    we love to meet you!!!!

    peace and love,
    patrick and rénate:)

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