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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by dandelions, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. dandelions

    dandelions Member

    i'm young, but that doesn't make me unintelligent or immature. it's just lately, i feel like i've lost myself and who i am. i feel like i no longer have a purpose. i feel like there is nothing to live for, but there's that 2% of me saying you need to get out there and find yourself. so that's what i'm going to do. i want to live life freely and to just enjoy my surroundings and the world. i need to find myself and i strongly believe this will help me do so. i live in california and want to take in each day at a time, to enjoy everything, and to explore.

    edit: i would also like to add that i wouldn't mind going away with someone... just to explore and see the world. to take it one day at a time and see where the road takes you.
  2. cookiecache

    cookiecache Member

    You say that you are young, but don't state your age. I'm not trying to harsh your mellow, but if you are under 18, there are legal considerations. A person taking you across state lines could be arrested for aiding a "runaway." -Depending on how your parents feel about your actions.

    Be very careful about who you follow, and good luck.
  3. dandelions

    dandelions Member

    i'm actually 17. 18 next february.
    it's easy for people to say, "wait it out."
    but i can't.
  4. zihger

    zihger Senior Member

    http://www.ic.org is probably the biggest listing of alternative communities that except new people. Most of them probably won’t accept people until they are 18 due to possible legal problems.

    But I would imagine you could move out and get a job cheap apt while you are looking around.
  5. dandelions

    dandelions Member

    i've looked at the site, but i'm having a hard time actually finding a commune that's right for me, but thanks.
    wouldn't it be a problem to rent out an apartment if you're under 18?
  6. zihger

    zihger Senior Member

    ^I had my own apartment when I was 16 I rented from a private person and it was all OK no problems. But the place I am in now is managed through a big company I had to sign a lot of papers so it probably depends might have better luck renting from smaller places or a roommate situation, most of the time being a roommate the other person does all of the paper work.

    I traveled around for a bit and stayed at communes I never found one I wanted to live at for that long, I enjoyed visiting them.

    Sometimes on this forum people are starting up communes you might be able to meet someone that has views similar to you and make what you are thinking about.
    You never know.
  7. dandelions

    dandelions Member

    i'll look into it, except i'm sure it'll be hard to find a private person willng to do that, but sharing doesn't sound bad either. i've tried craigslist but i'm sure there are other places to looks. thanks for the advice, it's really appreciated.
  8. I'm old and feel the same way... hey culligun man :)
  9. dandelions

    dandelions Member

    that's life, eh?
    i'm currently looking for places to stay in los angeles, san francisco, or new york.
    it's hard, most places want 18+.
  10. smokeybear2

    smokeybear2 Member

    yeah but digg this, I think a lot like you as far as just wanting to be free, and slow life down to a pace thats beautiful and relaxing. ive learned its hard as hell to do that in the city, stay away from the big cities, their just big stinky places where everyones worried and in a hurry, go to small towns and places way away from the city and the people are so much more laid back and friendly and willing to help you out, i mean communes thrive out in nature where they have resources like good soil and wildlife, you dont have that shit in the city, go chill away from NY, and LA, and see how much fun it is.
  11. flwrchld93

    flwrchld93 Member

    Me and my friend feel the same way this summer 2010 were going to British Columbia and taking whatever car i get and just going somewhere for 3 weeks or so. Just experience life blowing in the wind and finally be free!! Janis Joplin said "Freedoms just another word for nothing left to loose".
    Thats how we want to be, driving with the open road with nothing left to loose. Bumping into diffarent people chillin with cool cats opening our minds and sleeping under the stars man. Thats what it's going to be all about man!

    Im so stoked!

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