looking 4 communal living,,, please respond

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by louiedawg420, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. louiedawg420

    louiedawg420 Member

    im seriosly leaving in about a month, i have no idea where im going yet, i reaally need to get out of l.a. though. so far im planning on catching a bus and heading 2 northern cali, to begin my search, im looking 4 a place away from traffic and smog, a place where i can live free and in peace out in the wild. where i can stay in a tipi, smoke weed, eat meat, and be merry. im basicly looking 4 a place where i can live like my ancestors, and be surrounded by peaple that feel the same. im not a reliogous nut, nor do i wanna be part of a cult. if u have any info on where i can find a place like this send me a pm, or just answer back, but please hurry, cuase im leaving in a month, and i dont want 2 end up lost. i have some money, but it wont last 4 ever.
  2. humandraydel

    humandraydel Member

    www.ic.org has a directory of communities.

    I've looked at a few websites so if you want me to make more specific recommendations, PM me.

    good luck, i hope to be in a community very soon as well.

  3. willpower

    willpower Member

    hello louie....

    seems to be that you may have come to the right place!

    if your desires are to stay in northern cali, rabbit and willow have a project underway now....

    if you would like to be more apart of a founding team... then i would say you should consider joining with erowild and myself ... a few others aswell...
    basically offereing you everything you just said you wanted... i hunt, burn and live drama free, we are not about themes or ideal philosophies or belief.. basically be yourself and be apart of the building of a eutopia!

    if you leaving in a month hook up with me cuz i can get you a job and you can stay with me until we go up in late april early may, im going up in marh but thats just to section of land building sites and faring plots! anyways feel free to look into us further or check out what rabbit and willow have going on in n. cali!
  4. rabbit801

    rabbit801 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    i am rabbit and we are few in # still, so come on since yur in cali. our friend darren is coming in a week and living in his tipi, so if you have enough funds to support yourself for a bit, email me and i'll give you my # to call and talk. we are outside of paradise, ca.
    in love and lite
  5. louiedawg420

    louiedawg420 Member

    thanks 4 your invatations, rabbit, erowid, and willpower. sometime this spring, i would be glad to head out 2 one of your sites, and help with the construction of the place, after you see this tipee that i can build, i think youll be very suprised. the book and instructions were written by the laubins if youve heard of them, they used 2 travel around the dakata/montana in the area 1930's,40',and probly long after that, living in their tipee. there waterproof, windproof, you can build a fire in them without smoking yourself out. even during then harshest winters the conditions inside stay, warm and cozy. i am very much looking forward 2 living in one. keep me updated as to whats going on.
  6. gypsyd

    gypsyd Member

    Hey Louiedawg, I would love to have more info on those teepee's.always wanted to live in one get back with me ok......gypsyd2002@yahoo.com
  7. tiki_tea

    tiki_tea Member

    hey louie, it sounds like youre looking for something very similar to what im seeking, let me know what you find... tiki_tea@yahoo.com

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