lookin for my homeys........

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by FunkyPhreshMama, May 8, 2004.

  1. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    i found john soon as i signed up for the new forums YAY....................

    ol hippie and angelgodiva hit me up when ya see this, shagnasti where the hell are ya you been missing in action pm me if ya see this!! I miss my homeys!!
  2. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    i make myself easy to find. dont want folks to be used to looking too hard, else they might find me when im hidin.
  3. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    JoHn we have a habit of always runnin into each other on the net, i think our friendship was meant to be. You have no idea how suprised I was when I looked up from my breakfast and saw you standing at the coffee truck at Harvest Fest :) it made my day!!!

  4. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    you must first pass the initiation. since funky is preggers at the moment, allow me to do the honors . . .. .

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