Lookin' 4 cool ppl to party with when i get to AMSTERDAM

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by smiley420, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. smiley420

    smiley420 Member

    hey all.... im a m/34 lookin'to find some cool ppl to show me around........ it's gonna be my first time there and i dont want to get lost... to much. hehe....does anybody got any good tip's on the night life there?? thanx any help would be great PEACE ALL be good
  2. smiley420

    smiley420 Member

    still lookin'...............
  3. smlchance

    smlchance Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter


    I'm gonna be in a'dam w/a friend on 11 Jan and will stay maybe a couple days. Then take the train to Italy and or Spain and come back on the 17 or something. WE leave the 19. Ugh. It sucks to be American and not know how to take a proper vacation! ;) The only place I definitely want to visit is Grey Area and the Van Gogh museum. Also I'd like to visit Arles where Van Gogh did live for a while. You can write to me at smlchanceATyahoo
  4. London Mod

    London Mod Member

    When are you going fella.
    I am planning a trip in possibly March or April and then again in October.
    I always have 2 visits a year. Can't keep away from the place.
  5. smiley420

    smiley420 Member

    my plane land's on FEB.4th 2005 when i'll be leaving.......... uhhhhhhhh i really dont know if i'll leave lol hope we get the chance to burn 1 it would be cool
  6. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    420 cafe is the best coffee shop I've been to yet. Definately check it out. Excellent herb, good drinks, etc. Watch out for the f*(&^in bicycles! No, seriously.
  7. smiley420

    smiley420 Member

    thanx 4 the tip dude
  8. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    me and a few lads are going again on the 8th of april if you fancy it.
  9. zaparana

    zaparana Member


    I leave nearby, drop me a line whenever you come here that we can chill out.

    Dampking (don't know the exact spell) is the bast coffeeshop. It really worth a visit.
  10. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    That would be cool,Im over on the 8th of april.do you live in the dam then?are you male or female?

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