Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by DarkLunacy, May 12, 2004.

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    Hey I was wondering if their are guys who had problems with ending to quick and stuff they did to stop it.
  2. AutumnAuburn

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    I'm not a guy, but I've been with guys who have a lot of staying power... The common denominator is always practice and masturbation...

    Masturbate to the point of *almost* orgasm. Then stop, don't let yourself cum. Then do it again and again and again... Masturbate several times a day and practice not cumming. Only allow yourself to cum when you are about to go out of your mind...

    Eventually, you will learn to control it to the point of orgasming on command, only when you want to. :)
  3. migle

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    Autumm is right, you can train yourself, your pubical and genital muscles by hard your ass, you can train it while you're walking and in every situation, this helps you to control your eyaculation and stay longer. and if you want more information, look for "tantra" in The Internet, you will find out a lot of information about it, and how to control it.
  4. Spinner

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    I've never had that problem, sorry

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