long distance relationships?

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by dgdys90, Mar 8, 2008.

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    Bramble calls me earlier and we are talking for a bit then she asks if I could ever see us dating. I was like maybe. Aparently it was a yes or no question and me being the guy I am said yes I could see that. So we get to talking and I tell her about my hatred for long distance relationships but if she thinks she can make it work then I know I can. So she says she thinks she can so I ask if she wants to give it a try. Then she hung up without answering.

    Bramble = Girl I have had a crush on for ages
    We used to and still do hang out when-ever I am home for a couple days from Raleigh.

    I think her phone died but I dont know. If she did hang up then what I am supposed to take that as? Did I scare her away? Why does this shit have to be so fucking COMPLICATED!?!?!?
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    Just chill man.
  3. jo_k_er_man

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    get high and relax... just sit and wait on it... let her get a hold of you
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    chill out dude. if your really that worried call her back and talk it out
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    Love can find a way. Long distance relationships are difficult. Loneliness is difficult to prevent. Let her come to you. tell her you'll be there for her no matter what happens.
    Females can say a lot of confusing things, we speak a different language. Ask if she can see you two together. Ask if she wants to try, then send her flowers no matter the answer. You should always be honest, and if you have had a crush on her for ages, you should do something terribly romantic. Does she have a favorite place/ restaurant/ animal/ flower? I'll help you think of something if you want.
    You should make the move. Crushes can break your heart. You gotta live, you'll never know if you don't try.
    Give her the benefit of the doubt as far as hanging up/ phone dying.
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    just wait until she calls you back, and if it's awhile since she's called you and you start getting more worried, then call her back and asked what happened

    if you really want the long-distance relationship to work out, then i'm sure it could happen. long distance relaitonships are pretty hard at first, but if you both like each other and want to make it work, then i'd go for it

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