Lonely today

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by rasprophecy, May 28, 2007.

  1. rasprophecy

    rasprophecy Member

    smoke blunts. Sex. Bob Marley. Food.

    In that order.
  2. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    dont much get lonely. i do get a little stircrazy, in which case i go for a walk or go shopping
  3. Brand New Soul

    Brand New Soul Senior Member

    When I get lonely.. I go out and go for a bike ride or a walk. I turn on some music and sing my heart out no matter how bad it sounds. Or read/daydream.
  4. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum

    Do anything that makes you feel good :)

    For me, I like to dance, or make some good food...or juice some good juice.

    Taking your mind off of it helps.
  5. Stickyspot

    Stickyspot Member

    Write some email, do IM, surf...
  6. Poem~Girl

    Poem~Girl Member

    go to the gym , go for a walk, paint draw write poetry, sing meditate go for a walk by the river
  7. WhisperingWoods

    WhisperingWoods too far gone

    Run through a marathon of drugs, including alcohol. Write music. Sing and play my acoustic.
  8. Marija

    Marija Senior Member

    don't do anything :)
    happy toughts will come :)
  9. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    You guys got me..crazy Riggs to talk to, so what's the problem here? Do the hippy dance and be happy. I know.. SHUT THE HELL UP, RIGGS !

    I was only trying to help, so put down that shoe ! lol
  10. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician


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