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Discussion in 'Hip Comics' started by autophobe2e, Jul 17, 2012.

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    hey, i was looking for a graphic novel/comic section but couldn't find one (quite possibly there is one, i've been awake a long time and i'm dopy as hell)

    when i was a lot younger, i found a graphic novel in my local library and recently i've not been able to get the memory of one of the illustrations out of my head, i'd really appreciate it if someone could point me in its direction.

    essentially the story (or as much as i can remember) is as follows-

    there's a guy in a mental ward and he's given a haircut by a nurse using a pair of plastic NHS scissors (which i'mguessing means the comic originates in the UK) the haircut is ridiculous- it stands up in one huge clump with an almost perfect circle cut through it.

    on the plus side, though. it DOES help him to bend and warp reality. he goes on this ridiculously whacky psychedelic journey which involves finding out the true secret of the easter island heads (they're aliens- i think- one of them speaks to him.)

    i think earth/reality is going to be destroyed and he has to stop it.

    front cover (again, its a little hazy) i THINK was his face looking crazy with two cartoon figures hanging (as in, from nooses), from his earlobes.

    its been bugging me a loooong loooong time now, if anyone could help me with it, i'd be REALLY grateful

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