local "acid" really 25x-nbome?

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by ezpatterson1169, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Is anyone else getting complexed nbomes on blotter sold as acid? Other local rc treachery here includes methylone and other chems. (often mixed) sold as MDMA. There is some tiny dose of offwhite powder being sold as "mescaline". Moxy/foxy is the only chem I have found pure and the doses are small and expensive. Anybody got this in their town? makes me sick. I hope to find a legit supplier for me and my friends eventualy. rcs r new to me and this shit is crazy...:(
  2. eatlysergicacid

    eatlysergicacid Creep in a T-Shirt

    The mescaline is most likely 2c-x.

    We suffer from the same problems here. Methylone especially. Although I've managed to find a good source for that and I really like it when its pure.

    I actually just came across some foxy not too long ago. looking forward to trying that.
  3. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    It's worldwide, it spread like fire very quickly. At least now it's going to be scheduled in the UK so that will make it much less appealing of a substance to sell as "acid". I'm not a fan of drug criminalization but in this case i'd almost make an exception. but make lsd legal :D
  4. SunshineChild

    SunshineChild Mad Scientist

    NO. Legalise all drugs and there won't even be a need for a so-called "acid". It will be called LSD like it should be. giving chems a nickname is irresponsible and insulting to the chem itself. hell I wish we'd quit giving all drugs nicknames and just call them what they are so people can't do the bunking people out shit.

    There are responsible people who like -NBOMes. Not me, but just sayin'.. Well I liked 25i and 25c-nbome but they're not magical enough for the weeks of vasoconstriction 25c gave me the last time.
  5. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    if we only called LSD, LSD...then a jerk would sell 25i-nbome as "LSD" instead of "acid." i don't think the nickname contributes at all.

    but to answer the OP, yes. i have bought 2 10 strips that i'm quite certain were 25i-nbome. the people selling it honestly don't even seem to know. it's sad. i also got a sample of "molly" from one of the same dudes. who the fuck knows what that really is.

    ELA, when you get pure methylone, is it in chunky rocks or is it crushed into powder?
  6. SunshineChild

    SunshineChild Mad Scientist

    The methylone kids around here are bunking people as molly is like chunky rocks. I mean there could be worse drugs going under the molly name I guess.

    but if drugs were legal as I suggested, nicknames wouldn't be necessary besides maybe a brand-name. therefore people wouldn't be bunking 25i-nbome as LSD. not likely anyhow. My point wasn't so much in the nickname causing the confusion but that it aids to the confusion as over time people become unaware of what the chemical is even supposed to be. Even before the current RC epidemic, there used to be people selling PCP as "mescaline", or LSD microdots as "mescaline". DOM and STP were the original "acid" RCs if I understand correctly. I'm sure a majority of the people who were sold that shit back then are completely unaware real mescaline comes from a cactus. blah just wish people weren't so ignorant / careless with drugs , that's all. not that i'm worlds most responsible drug user, if you're familiar with my posts it's obvious I'm not. but at least I do know what I am taking.. and care enough to test all my drugs that aren't easily identified visually
  7. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    yeah i get you on the legal aspect of it.
    and terms like acid and molly do get thrown around a lot. i forget that everyone doesn't know their shit like us HFers - acid is fucking LSD. period. molly is supposed to be mdma, but yeah...now pretty much any cathinone gets sold under that name.
  8. eatlysergicacid

    eatlysergicacid Creep in a T-Shirt

    Chunky rocks, very similar to the picture you posted in the bump thread. Although like I said the real molly I had recently looked almost identical.
  9. Great responses. Its about as I figured then. The kids I have gotten this stuff from don't seem to really know what they have either. I showed the "molly" they had was methylone, it had a violent yellow reaction to the tester. And to update the "mescaline" did test out to be some 2cx, came out green like reads it should for those. Too bad the methylone is being marked up and sold as mdma or I would still buy it on occasion. But I'm hunting my own resources for research materials so i know what I have and can be responsible. The hunt has been pretty fruitless thus far though...
  10. BlueLightRain

    BlueLightRain Member

    Yeah, that's kind of everywhere now. I wish there was an easy way to tell aside from just taking it. Not everyone can have the stuff to test their hits. I used to think that the "brotherhood" or "Karma" of LSD would keep it pure.
  11. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    there is nothing mystical about the economy of LSD :) don't fall into that pseudo-religious thinking. there are no secret groups preserving the faith worldwide. that much has been shown by the NBOME phenomenon.
  12. Hedgeclipper

    Hedgeclipper Qiluprneeels Nixw

    Its a huge problem in my town. I say "if its bitter, its a spitter!"

    But there IS real acid and those who get it do get it. I think theres more out there than people think.

    I was ranting about this a few months ago. Fake drugs are a huge problem here. I think testing kits need to start being distributed more widely. I mean it doesnt solve the whole problem but it would sure alert people about a couple bad egg dealers fast.
  13. magic_rocks

    magic_rocks ٱللهِ ٱلرّ

    Well, there are, at least in a sense; however their influence and reach is rather limited and rarely does it spread very far from the main circuit with the exception of certain festivals in the states. As far as I know the production has drastically decreased over the past year, while it's peak was during 2011 summer time. I managed to behold crystal for the very first (and so far, the only) time and later was astounded to behold so much liquid. I am referring to the Czech that made a splash in the recent past, which many people assumed was so-called for a number of different reasons but in very fact came directly from Prague. I'm certain that during this period I mentioned on the forums how the people from whom I gained access to this knowledge were driving to the airport (local to me, and thus my slight initial involvement as host, but which I'll refrain from specifying) to pick it's carrier up and would then settle it onto blotter and other mediums a few hours drive north from here up in the mountains. This was the situation which eventually led to my brother ingesting the frightening amount from a kick-down 'thank you for the help' vial that I'd been storing for a rainy month, his first psychedelic experience period from which he came down back to coherency in under 18 hours. My best friend, who was involved in this whole affair, seems to have fallen out of it in favor of pursuing a music career as his band has started to take off, but I remember being surprised at how quickly things went from sitting in his bedroom and joking around to his wife that his kids were eating cookies from a batch he was at the moment laying drops on (lol) to finding that poster prone420 talking about how it was flooding the east coast tours; specifically Furthur. My buddy came into a (fucking ridiculous) quantity of the most solid DMT I've ever seen (came in a package with beautiful designs on it with the message 'the lizard people have something to tell you') and after this dried up we've both been out of the game ever since. I haven't taken any psychedelics at all since late 2011 and haven't seen any since early 2012. This 'secret group' I am most certain is still going strong however, I no longer know anything about the Czech source and suspect that it has since ceased production (or possibly moved on). The prevalence of NBOME would seem to confirm this in a roundabout way, and I'm almost entirely removed from the festival scene, so I can't comment on the present state of affairs in my region. My how things have change, huh Writer? It's been too long.. :)
  14. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    That is quite a story :D wouldn't mind a whole buncha liquid LSD and DMT popping into existence here :D

    I know there are obviously groups of people who move this product but what I meant was that there is no cult-like "family" that somehow monitors worldwide psychedelic movement and preserves purity in the name of some spiritual maxim. A lot of youngins fall into that trap and think you gotta know "them" to get anything; simply not true. "Them" probably doesn't even exist. In fact, the real "them" is something like MAPS :)
  15. magic_rocks

    magic_rocks ٱللهِ ٱلرّ

    Yes, I see what you mean, and I am inclined to agree with you. While the spiritual side of it is certainly motivation for some minor players, I'm certain it's purely financial for the majority. Those very same people, some of the most 'love you, brother' people I know, wouldn't hesitate to decapitate someone in retribution for being robbed... And that has been the personality type involved in it's distribution since well before you and I were born, from what I understand. There is some truth to certain rumors, I mean as far as the modern mythology of the thumbprint (which apparently is the mental equivalent of being 'jumped in'to a gang) goes and all that, but certainly there is no universal brotherhood guiding it's existence with a global hand.
  16. magic_rocks

    magic_rocks ٱللهِ ٱلرّ

    ^Oh and yes, it was quite a time.. Curiously, it came during a period of my life in which I was feeling the need to abstain from psychedelics while everyone around me, Aura included, was ready to push it to the furthest extent, and so I fulfilled my duty in becoming a middle man and delivery boy. It even got to the point during that summer where my taking the Chinatown bus from center city Philadelphia to Chinatown in New York (then taking the subway back to Brooklyn) became synonymous with some kind of ritualized LSD / DMT Express, lol. I never made one dime off of that run but it was in my own interest to go there, for reasons which are not so lofty; nevertheless, a decent amount of people in NYC were having fun because of my efforts for a little while there!

    PS - That's also where I tried the combo of DMT and N2O for the first time, which of course quickly became something not so unlike a blue collar all night on payday crack session. Wild shit..

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