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  1. Dave_techie

    Dave_techie I call Sheniangans

    We all know the practice has become the most broken corrupt system in america, and is most of why america is so broken

    okay, great

    how do we use it?

    let this thread be the manual for lobbying.

    1. get a VERY large mass of people to agree with you. they don't have to understand, they just have to agree, and have passion regarding the subject, near an election.

    2. Campaign contributions, either make them yourself if you have money, or, manipulate someone with an agenda similar to your own to do it

    3. ?

    okay, come on, lets have specifics, lets have something we can actually meaningfully use.

    classic crowds in the street activism only works if people see it, and, between city planning, and apathy, people don't see it, so we need to play a new game. lets.
  2. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    What do you mean be lobbying, and for what? I am sort of confused by the whole question. Break it down a little bit.
  3. Dave_techie

    Dave_techie I call Sheniangans

    if one were to write a manual on commercing power in the u.s. making things happen.

    what steps would they go through?

    clearly, as an individual, as a citizen, my voice means nothing unless it is backed by a mob, or millions of dollars

    but, if we examine the practices of successful lobbies, we can dismantle them, and apply their methods, to more useful larger agendas, yes, it takes a long time, but, fighting fire with fire is the only way to be successful

    we need to become puppetmasters.
  4. Hiptastic

    Hiptastic Unhedged

    you mean you want to form a lobby.
  5. Dave_techie

    Dave_techie I call Sheniangans

    no, I want to put together a manual for forming a lobby, a diy so anyone with an agenda, and sales skills can.
  6. Angel_Headed_Hipster

    Angel_Headed_Hipster Senior Member

    Lobbying Manual:

    Rule #1: Bring Briefcases full of cash.

    Rule #2: Repeat #1
  7. Balbus

    Balbus Members

    This is what I said in a previous thread on the subject -

    “To me the whole lobby business seems to have has become excessive and often seems detrimental to the political system and I feel it needs to be better regulated and monitored, but how and how do you stop throwing out the baby with the bath water?

    To me it would seem to be a matter of comparative influence and openness. Often people don’t know were the information has come from and so don’t know that it is being spin and for what reason. It also mean those with the most bucks get the biggest bangs, and although not all people of wealth are ultra-conservative in their philosophy I think it fair to way not many are committed left wingers.

    Here are some musings on what might be done –

    * All political bias should be out in the open and be reported as such when material from a lobby group is cited or a co-ed piece is written or presented by the media. For example ‘that is from a report by the right wing think tank the American Enterprise Institute’ or ‘this is John Doe of the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute’ or ‘said the environmental group Greenpeace’.

    *The status of think tanks as non-profit or tax exempt is linked to a formal declaration of being non partisan, this should be more rigorously policed.

    *A limit should be put on how much can be earned for working for such groups. Lobbying should be about doing something because you want to not because you’re being paid to do it. In the same way possibly the amount spent on lawyers or PR firms in the support of a cause should be regulated.

    *There must be a gap of at least five years between receiving money from or holding a position with a lobby group and seeking public office or being appointed to a political position.

    *There must be a gap of at least five years between holding a public office or holding an appointment to a political position and receiving money from or holding a position with a lobby group.

    *There must be a gap of at least five years between holding a public office or holding an appointment to a political position and receiving money from or holding a position with any corporation that receives government contracts.

    *A ban on the ability of lobbyists to make contributions to the politician’s electoral campaigns”
  8. drew5147

    drew5147 Dingledodie

    I still think we need to recruit some Reptilians.

    Them shape-shiftin' kinds.
  9. flmkpr

    flmkpr Senior Member

  10. why call it lobbying.. call it what it is.... a bribe

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