Living in amsterdam, studying in Rotterdam. Is it possible ?

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by papush, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. papush

    papush Guest

    when i say studying i mean taking the train once a week!
    Im considering taking a course in the SAE institute of Rotterdam, (its not available in SAE Amsterdam), i would have to go just once a week.

    My girlfriend is going to be living in amsterdam at the time, so i would love to stay with her.

    I heard i can buy an OV chipkaart with a 40% discount for 60euros. I also heard that i can get a really good student transportation discount also.

    How easy is it to find a job?... like any kind of job, i wouldn't mind being a bartender, desk clerk, cafeteria attendant, waiter, food preparation asistant .. or something like that. maybe a call center phone operator also

    Important data:
    -I have a dutch nationality (but im essentially Costarican)
    -I only speak English and Spanish (yeah, no dutch)
    -it would be from 3 to 6 months

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