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    And to rub salt in the wound:

    EVERTON ARE TOP OF THE BRITISH PREMIER LEAGUE! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

    Jurgen Klopp must work out if Liverpool's collapse at Aston Villa was a freak or exposed Reds' flaws | Daily Mail Online

    So bad were the champions, Klopp could only laugh in bemusement and disbelief at some of the things he witnessed.

    It feels wrong to concentrate solely on Liverpool's failings after a magical performance from Aston Villa, for whom Ollie Watkins, Ross Barkley and Jack Grealish shone like beacons. Dean Smith's side had done their homework, executed their tactics to perfection and could have scored double figures.

    Liverpool, however, were so inexplicably bad that their performance demanded intense scrutiny. From the moment Adrian, the number two goalkeeper, provided the assist for Villa's opening goal, the tone was set for what was, without doubt, the worst night of Klopp's reign.

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    too bad for liverpool... I like the soccer stadium. it looks dignified in the arena lights; i don't know why or what it is about flood lights, lol.
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    Thank you for posting Soul.
    Yes I agree with you.
    In my younger days when I lived in Liverpool I used to go to every single home or away game to watch EVERTON play.
    In those days they were winning many trophies .
    I particularly always enjoyed the evening games under the floodlights as it seemed to create an awesome atmosphere.
    The below picture is EVERTON'S ground named Goodison Park under floodlights.


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