"Live" Subscriptions are for TOOLS and Best New Console

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by relaxxx, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Xbox live and now Sony PSN require a subscription to play games online. You may think $50-60 a year is no big deal but this really adds up to billions a year from xbox live alone. This also allows Microsoft total dictatorship of your entire online experience. They will not even allow access to a third party service like netfix without a live subscription. There is only one reason online gaming is a subscription service, because enough people bend over and take it without question. Don't do it, don't be a tool.

    There is a better new gen console than Xbone or PS4 and it is available now. It's called Ouya and retails for only $100. It's based on opened source Android OS and every console is a Development console, every console runs unsigned code; homebrew apps, emulators, install any android app, browsers, media players, countless free games....

    Being a startup, it's clearly not as polished an experience as Playstation or Xbox. I say it is best not because it will be a success but simply because of the potential this box has. It has the potential to blow away Playstation and Xbox for value and game library and user liberty.

    The hardcore tech-spec fanboys may dismiss the Ouya as inferior. It only has 1GB ram and a quad core tegra 3 processor while the PS4 and Xbone boast 8 cores and 8GB. This is actually quite irrelevant in the direction gaming is going. That is Cloud processing, Both Xbone and PS4 boast about the unlimited potential of cloud processed games.

    The reality is, you do not need a $400, 150 watt 8 core machine for cloud gaming. A single core 10 watt android with 512MB of ram can stream a cloud game just as well as the Xbone or PS4. There is cloud gaming right now on Android through services like Onlive. Accounts are free, you can try any game and prices are a fraction of Xbox or Sony prices.

    Yes, there are bugs with Ouya and Onlive. But they don't have billions nor do they really need billions. What is needed is support, Ouya needs support, The people can choose to make this the greatest system ever. They can control their console experience, or they can be slaves to corporations who completely dictate and micromanage their subscribed experience. An experience subject to change any time on a corporate whim, without any regard to what the users want.

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