Live Morning Glory Trip

Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by ericmst18, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Tuesday, Aug 6th 2013 - Live Morning Glory Trip​

    ( Prior to this i had done 200 seeds with little to no effects this time i'm taking double ) & I Will Update Throughout The Day!

    --- Seeds - Heavenly Blues - Age 19 - Organic Seeds
    Live TimeLine

    8:49 AM - Took 400 seeds and put them in a pepper grinder and now im going to eat it slowly causes it taste bad

    8:52 AM - my stomach has some slight discomfort. nothing too bad yet

    9:09 AM - Awful taste in my mouth from chewing and swallowing theses seeds, I'm half way done eating them and Starting to get some cramps, Bout to go for a walk when i'm done theses seeds!

    9:15 AM - Just got done eating all the nasty seeds

    9:22 AM - Not really feeling anything much, but i feel a bit different. Still waiting for it to kick in
    Not feeling any stomach discomfort at all nor nausea :)

    9:30 AM - went for a walk during my walk i did feel some euphoria but was very mild, colors look brighter and my thoughts don't seem to be different. Sounds seem different as i'm able to analyze multiple sounds a once which is cool but at the same time not cool because it has nothing to go along with as in its very boring, forgot to mention before i left my heart rate was up and my eyes seemed to crack with some red lines, not bloodshot tho.

    10:45 AM - i get home from my walk. I might do some more seeds because if this is the peak of the effects which i don't seem to feel then i might as well take more. I have 450 seeds left! also forgot to mention that this is my second time using morning glory seeds and have not goten sick at all

    11:06 AM - Starting to feel a bit tired, but i'm going to eat more seeds now

    11:44 AM - Im sure the effects aren't going anywhere then what they've been for the past hours, im going to put this to rest soon and resume when i buy some HWBR Seeds | Music on the other hand sounds great i feel apart of it in some way.

    12:00 PM - Ate 100 More Seeds going to finish all of them with-in Thirty Mins, i have 200 seeds left

    12:30 PM - Vasoconstriction may be taking place now, chest pains now

    1:20 PM - Not much has gone on, i feel tense and my chest hurts from time to time & Starting to feel tired

    2:20 - feeling like i could use a nap tired

    3:30 PM Conclusion - Overall it wasn't worth it for me at the least

    Summary Of Trip ( Tonight AT 7:30 EST )

    When Im Sober I'll Write Everything That I Talked About & Other Things That I Left Out & More Detail Information
  2. weird

    weird Guest

    yeah din't work for me either :( i'm gonna try hawaiian woodrose seeds next with cold watwer extraction )
  3. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Opt for some Hawaiian Strain HBWR seeds .

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