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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Captain Cannabis, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Well today at lunch a kid asked me if I wanted to buy some E. I said not right now, but when I was going back to school I saw him again and then him and his friend asked me, I took a look at them and they looked ok. So he said 5 dollars each. I told him I only had 5 dollars on me but I'd trade him some weed for some. He said no but then I started talking to him and then I got him to sell me 2 for 5 bucks. As soon as He said 2 for 5 bucks I though "Ok this is fake shit" But I already talked the kid into it so I didnt want to look like an asshole and say no, So I bought them. And the kid was really dumb and didnt ask me for the one I had in my hand back so I got 3.

    I took one right there and was like, thanks man I might buy a big quantity later (I dodnt mean it because I thought it was fake) 45 minutes went by......Nothing I took another.....20 minutes.......Nothing so I thought I knew this was going to happen so I didnt really care (and I did steal one with out realizing it so it sort of was karma kicking me in the ass. So I got the third pill and took it. And then Bam! I was lit. I couldnt stop alking and I was sweating and it was awsome. My teacher was teaching and I was talking and eventually he flipped out and yelled at me in front of the class. Now normally I would be embarrassed but this time I had an attitude and I was thinking "who the hell is this guy to tell me to shit up" He kept saying that he liked me and wasnt trying to be mean (He's a cool teacher, he's like a hippy) and that I had to read the rest of the lesson out loud in fron of the class.

    I started reading and then within 2 minutes he said "what am I doing, this isnt a punishment this is just making the kids think your even funnier" I wasnt trying to be funny, I felt bad for interupting his lesson so I apologized.

    Wow this is really good stuff. Like Im soo incredibly lit. I've been talking to people on msn forever.

    I cant believe I doubted these kids, I gotta get to know them because this is some good stuff. I still dont know how the kid knew to ask me if I needed any, like lots of other kids were walking by and he didnt ask them. I gotta hand it to the kid, he knows how to talk to people. Like he was talking to me like he knew me for years but I only knew him for seconds.

    I feel bad for taking an extra pill though, I'll pay him tomorow..... These kids say they are the "E dealers" Of that school. This is the first connection I've made at this place. I never really needed to meet any dealers before because.......Well Im a dealer, but only weed..... I just got really tempted to rob these kids all of a sudden..... No I cant there cool. But I could, well actually no I couldnt. The one kid looked strong as fuck but the other one was like a twig. Now I know why people go to this school to get E. I was always told they had the best in the city and cheap prices.

    I asked him were he gets it and he was like "my dad" When he said that I thought fuck, this kids probably got some REAL good connections, and I asked him were he lived and he said Sherman and Barton...... Not a very good area, but that doesnt really mean anything. I've seen far worse. But fuck I gotta get talkin to these kids.

    Im gonna get them to start selling weed for me.
  2. digitalldj

    digitalldj Canucks ftw!

    sounds like your in for a jumping
  3. PharmaPhunk

    PharmaPhunk Banned

    maybe he has LSD??
  4. sounds good man.
  5. He didnt know I had it. He had like a whole bag full, so he probably wouldnt care anyway.

    I dont know how this guy has the balls to sell E at school, thats a hard drug to get out of trouble if you get caught
  6. Guitar

    Guitar Senior Member

    why would you roll at school?
  7. st. stephen

    st. stephen Senior Member

    lucky, if u want any good e around here u gotta go an hour north to the college town.
  8. I hope so. He seems like a cool guy. I dont know I'f I'd buy acid from I guy I dont know.... Well actually I just bought E from a guy I dont know lol.

    I even told him right to his face I dont trust him (yet), but I explained why and he completley aggreed with me. He said if a kid he never met came up and asked him if he wanted to buy some ecstacy he'd just say no and walk away.

    It all seemed to good to be true, he even said if I didnt like it he'd give me my money back. Now I know he probably wouldnt give my money back (I wouldnt if I was him) but he explained how he can be trusted.

    The pills were a little bigger than normal and they were Orange with an S on him (I remembered that there was a guy that ripped my friend off for an orange pill once, so that sort of made me worried). He calls them Orange Skittles.

    It was so weird because we were in the middle of the street while we were doing this. I remember telling him if they turned out to be bunk I'd beat the shit him (I said it jokingly, but really meant it) He just kept saying "Man you can trust me". And it turns out I can trust him. I still cant believe I talked him into 2.50 a pill lol.

    When I asked how much he said 5 each 3 for 10. I just looked right at him said " I'll give you 2.50" I thought he was gonna laugh at me but then he said "So you want 2 for 5 bucks?" I really only wanted one but thought Fuck it, it's only 5 bucks. Damn what a well spent 5 dollars.
  9. PharmaPhunk

    PharmaPhunk Banned

    Yeah $5 E you can't go wrong. It sucks when you drop $20 for some trippple stacks and all it is is some pressed DXM.
  10. shit I dont know what to do. I wanna go out but no ones home :(
  11. Ebene

    Ebene Mountaineer

    Damn man around here if you take three rolls there ain't no way in hell you could be typing right now.
  12. I dunno, it was a spur of the moment thing
  13. Awwww why did I do this. I feel like shit now

    Well it was worth it actually.
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