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Discussion in 'Art' started by crystalstarr, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Well of course i love alot of the old time artists likeSalvador Dali

    but i wanted to mention a artist i just recently fell upon that gave me alot of inspiretion and hope. Im loving her stuff plus she gives great tips on her site

    Anyways list artists that inspire you , share there sites so we may look, have fun!
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    Dali Isn't An Old Artist..anyways...i Love My Boyfriends Art
  3. Yey for Dali!!! Everyone should go see his exhibit in Philadelphia, Feb 16th - May 15th...

    One of the all time favorites would be... The Pic below is of Hunter S. Thompson or Johnny Depp, whichever one you recognize from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

    Nifty collage and ink work is what turned me onto him. Actually he inspired me to try drawing and painting, instead of limiting myself to photo. I used to think using brushes wasnt for me, cause it was too out of sorts with my meticulously detailed side.
  4. I cant help but think of more favorites...

    Barbara Kruger is another thats among the top of the list/s:

    I love her boldness, it's so, so Bold. and the her sense of angry feed upness. I don't think she actually takes the photographs herself that she uses (maybe some of them). I think she found them in old b&w catalogs and such, then she just juxtaposed the words over the pics... Some seem to fit perfectly and others leave me wondering how the words are applied to the picture...
  5. I love Dali. I'm going to the exhibit in February! I also love Peter Max posters.
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  7. mazzy

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    robert rauschenberg is my all time favorite artist. i have been inspired my his work so much in my own. he was working on the cusp between abstract expressionism and pop art. he made the combine monogram with the stuffed goat and tire...he's brilliant...and still working today.

    there's a list of images of his work on the web
  8. GlassGuru

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    I'm my favorite artist...

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