Lip Piercing Problem With Odor

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by hondalude89, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. hondalude89

    hondalude89 Member

    Ok, hi everyone. I have got a dilemma for all you. Hopefully you can help me out with it.

    I got my lip pierced around Thanksgiving. I took proper care of it and everything as the piercer told me too and like I read on the web.

    It seems that it healed fine and everything, except for one thing. When the ring shifts, I get this foul odor/smell from it. I can't describe it, only thing I could come up with is it's close to the smell you get if you were cleaning out your belly button LOL. It REEKS!

    I have tried washing it and everything, but I still get it. Hell, as I am typing this, I shifted the ring, it gave off that smell.


    Anyone have any ideas or can guide me in the right direction? Any help is greatly appreciate it.

  2. the nacho cheese smell!
    haha no, there is not really anything you can do about this and it is normal for a healed piercing.
    i just clean it off when necessary, it might have to be everyday.
    my ears are stretched to 3/4" and they have a LOT of surface area touching the jewellery, so you can imagine how much smelly gunk i get lol! the one in my septum is really fun too haha. what really seems to help for some people is wearing a natural material in the piercing, but with a lip that wont work unless you want to stretch it, like me ;)
    anyway, the smelly crap is just skin oil (sebum i think its called) mixed with dirt and whatever else your piercing picks up.
  3. hondalude89

    hondalude89 Member

    Are you serious?


    So it's normal?

    Ok, well, I guess I will keep it clean as if it hasn't healed. I was just thinking it was something wrong with it.

    Cool! Appreciate the help.

  4. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    a piercer once told me the bigger the hole, the more it will smell when you move the ring............. it really is normal, I just took out earrings I had in for years and I shit you not they smelled like funky old dead bodies............. didn't smell until I moved em.................
  5. toolmaggot

    toolmaggot Nuts Go Here.

    Ear cheeseee. Smells like roadkill and old underwear.

    Deal with it, man. Even my teeny tiny nose ring gets cheesy. And it's IN my nose. o_o My pinchers are enough to clear a room, and I clean them almost every day.
  6. mlee27

    mlee27 Member

    any smell from a wound usually means bacteria growth. i would go get it checked by a pro just to be safe
  7. its not a wound, its a healed fistula. totaly different.
  8. yea.... i have the same problem with my labret... i just swab some listerine on the outside after i gargle with some making sure to swab enough so it can get inside the hole while i move the ring... daily it helps
  9. DeathRowDisco

    DeathRowDisco Member

    Yeah, like almost everyone else said... piercings CAN smell funky. And like at least one person said, it's basically just dead skin and oils. Rotting dead skin. That small an amount doesn't take long to basically "rot"...

    My ears are 1/2" (they've been bigger, I'm re-stretching) and I've dealt with years of ear funk. And with a 00ga. septum... whooaahh buddy. Gnarly.

    I have a lip ring (center) and it NEVER gets funky or anything... but again, I have a ring in it. I'm constantly playing with it, so it constantly gets moved around and more-or-less cleaned by saliva (it's 3 years old, so I don't particularly clean it much or anything, heh). My husband also has a lip ring, also in the center, and it's the same for him, stays clean by itself and all. I get at it with my tooth brush once in a while while I'm brushing my teeth, just be careful not to brush too hard and cut your lip or anything if you do that...

    but if the smell is a problem and you've ever considered putting a ring in just because or anything, I'd recommend it... like I said, they move around more so they stay extremely clean.
  10. yeah, my lip ring is the same, it never smells cause i move it so much, but my buddies does cause he has a flatback stud in it.
    it seems we have similar piercings, deathrowdisco ;) do you have anything besides septum, lip, ears?
  11. DeathRowDisco

    DeathRowDisco Member

    Yep... the list...
    1/2" ears
    2ga. cartilage (left)
    00ga. septum
    14ga. labret
    10ga. nipples
    2ga. navel
    14ga. navel (x3 - sides and bottom)
    2ga. vertical hood

    That's it so far, and I've only had three (other than ear piercings, heh) that I've taken out permanently. No ink yet. And yourself??
  12. sweet, youre into stretching as well
    i always thought it would be so cool to have large guage ear cartilage... a stretched navel would be the coolest too!

    i dont really have that much-
    3/4" lobes (by far my favourite piercing, i love my big plugs)
    2 other 14g ish lobes for normal earrings should i want to wear them
    8g ish spetum (might be 10g now since i put the original jewellery back in)
    8g lip that is gradually shrinking cause i lost the damn jewellery again...
    and a 14g nipple. used to have two and wanted to get them 10g or 8g, but took one out cause i like my boobs better without them. the other one is going too as soon as its healed a bit better.

    i used to have my navel (ages ago), my nostril, and a bunch of ears. and that nipple.
    im kind of not as stoked as i used to be about piercings. once i get my lip to 6g or 4g with a nice plug im going to stop alltogether i think.
    no ink as of yet. i might never get tats either, not sure. i think i would only get them to symbolize something and i cant think of anything id want to symbolize right now lol. i love them though, especially face tattoos. sooo hot

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