Link between religious fundamnetalism and brain damage found.

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  1. MeAgain

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    A study published last June, 2018 reportedly found that damage to the prefrontal cortex is linked to religious fundamentalism.
    The study suggests that any damage to vmPFC whether by physical trauma, alcohol, drugs, a physiological disorder or even genetics can lead to religious fundamentalism.

    I would postulate that a failure of the prefrontal cortex to properly develop during normal brain growth due to social conditioning may also lead to a similar result.
    Further, as we all pass through a developmental stage of growth of the prefrontal cortex, some of us may never reach the point of full development resulting in a life long adherence to "normal" religious beliefs.
    Others outgrow this stage and reach the point of accepting religion as human construct.

    This guy wouldn't adhere to any religion.
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  2. guerillabedlam

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    Fascinating news!!

    So if I get into a debate with a religious fundamentalist and suggest they have brain damage, is it still an ad hominem?
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  3. Okiefreak

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    Yes. The study mentioned above may show that brain damage is responsible for instances of fundamentalist rigidity, but doesn't show that all or most fundamentalism is a result of physical brain damage. I think the damage is more likely to be psychological, resulting from being raised by fundamentalist parents in a fundamentalist culture, and to be related to broader sociolgical developments.
    The 4 Major Factors That Fuel Religious Fundamentalism | Ro Waseem
    The Causes of Fundamentalism, Intolerance and Extremism in World Religions, and Some Solutions
    The Rise of Fundamentalism, The Twentieth Century, Divining America: Religion in American History, TeacherServe, National Humanities Center
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  4. newbie-one

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    In Psychology And Other Social Sciences, Many Studies Fail The Reproducibility Test

    "One of the eight studies that failed this test came from the lab of Will Gervais, when he was getting his PhD at the University of British Columbia. He and a colleague had run a series of experiments to see whether people who are more analytical are less likely to hold religious beliefs. In one test, undergraduates looked at pictures of statues.

    "Half of our participants looked at a picture of the sculpture, 'The Thinker,' where here's this guy engaged in deep reflective thought," Gervais says. "And in our control condition, they'd look at the famous stature of a guy throwing a discus."

    People who saw The Thinker, a sculpture by August Rodin, expressed more religious disbelief, Gervais reported in Science. And given all the evidence from his lab and others, he says there's still reasonable evidence that underlying conclusion is true. But he recognizes the sculpture experiment was really quite weak.

    "Our study, in hindsight, was outright silly," says Gervais, who is now an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky.

    A previous study also failed to replicate his experimental findings, so the new analysis is hardly a surprise."
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  5. Irminsul

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    Maybe the damage in the brain is actually a misrepresentation of awareness.

  6. Yeah, thats dumb

    Its basically saying alcoholics and meth heads turn into religous fundamentalists
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  7. MeAgain

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    So here is what we know:
    An undamaged ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) is largely responsible for "personal and social decision-making[4][7"], and "regulating and inhibiting our response to emotions [15][16] ".
    Bilateral lesions result in individuals who have difficulty learning from mistakes, and making social decisions. They seek immediate rewards, don't consider long term consequences, and lack behavior control.....all while other intellectual aspects remain unaffected. In other words, they can still be a rocket scientist or brain surgeon.

    The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC or DL-PFC) undergoes development into adulthood. It involves working memory (present time memory needed to complete tasks), cognitive flexibility,[13] and planning.[14] It is also involved in moral decision making, "the act of deception and lying,[27]", decisions involving conflicting rules,[29], and deductive reasoning.
    Damage to this area can result in an inability to properly function in any of the above areas or schizophrenia [16], depression.[37], stress [39], and substance abuse [41].

    The study in question states that in this particular study they have found that the subjects who were religious fundamentalist had damage to these areas while those who were not fundamentalists did not.
    The damage was known damage to these areas as detected in 119 traumatic brain injury combat veterans. The control group consisted of 30 non brain injured combat veterans.
    This is not to say that culture, drugs, alcohol, and other factors don't play a part, or even a large part in the development and acceptance of fundamentalism. Nor does it exclude or say those things are required.

    But it does question whether to exposure to those social and/or chemical substances AND fundamentalist beliefs AND then damage to the vmPFC and DLPFC may increase the likelihood of an acceptance of fundamentalism.

    And I'm asking...may an underdeveloped vmPFC and DLPFC also lead to a life long acceptance of "normal" religious beliefs?
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  8. Orison

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    Well they do become aggressively spiritual sometimes when they completely sober up.. The Higher Power talks and give it to god.. Maybe not the same thing .. but close.
  9. newbie-one

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    In other words, those who have reached the same conclusions that you have about religion have the supreme understanding, whereas all others are diseased.
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  10. MeAgain

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    I don't think I said that.
    I said I'm asking...I'm asking other's opinion on my hypothesis. I didn't say I have the answer.
    Feel free to disagree and hopefully state your reasoning.
  11. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    It's propaganda perpetuated by mainstream science to nullify and void the opinions of religious people because humans are starting to really decipher and decode the origins of our species.

    So modern science, announces oh they all have brain damage for thinking those things, which is really the utmost ignorant and hypocritical thing a modern scientist could say because humans have always been about knowledge and had pursuit of knowledge for so long, so what now? Knowledge is defined now as a disease, a further attempt to dim the minds of the general population into being susceptible in believing everything they teach us.

    They always tell us religion is a foundation of "control" yet science is the most controlling aspect of humanity at the moment and if you don't agree? Oh you've got brain damage. Lol. Seems like modern science is trying its hardest to manipulate our species into thinking and believing what they want us to believe. Maybe religion makes so much sense, it's threatening to our new way of life, income. Suppose we need a new multi billion dollar grant to research that. Lolz.
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  12. guerillabedlam

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    Lol @Irminsul for the laughs...

    Yes, all those ScienceDirect propaganda commercials they display at all hours of the day on tv, all those science journal pop ups ads on the internet.
  13. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I really don't care what you think of my beliefs at all. You're indoctrinated by neolithic lies and your mind is already to rotten away by them. The only proof and salvation you can only share comes from the agencies you believe in. You've been programmed and fooled, it is I who should laugh at you, but I don't because I really don't care.

    Continue believing in things that have never been proved, you're on their rails.
  14. tumbling.dice

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    I wonder if there's a link between socialism and brain damage?
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  15. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I'm proud of my brain damage, it obviously distorted the part of my brain that allows me to be herded like sheep into false indoctrinations. Perhaps my brain damage is the missing link teehee. A link that doesn't reverberate the frequency of told lies. Like a bleep button for cursing.
  16. guerillabedlam

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    Woah, I went to quote you and respond and see it's way different. This is what your post looks like on my computer, must be magic.

    Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.45.08 PM.png
  17. Irminsul

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    Yeah I don't even know what to say or what. If you took the time out of your day to make a funny about me... Thanks, I guess?
  18. Driftrue

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    You always talk about science as if it is this singular, static thing. It's a process. No-one believes things that haven't been proven. There are big holes in our understanding, but sometimes we know things that show us the shape of the holes.. so we can make theories about what COULD fit in those holes, then try to disprove/prove them. Any real scientist won't really care, ultimately, if they are right or wrong, because they are in pursuit of truth.

    I have spiritual beliefs that are entirely unscientific, and I still feel science is the best method we have for understanding reality. And if something scientifically proven were to disprove a spiritual belief, I would drop that belief. I've never understood why science and God have to be enemies.

    But so far, as science progresses, it only deepens my feelings about God. What science is showing us is incredible, and not opposed to spirituality. You should listen to a guy like Richard Feynman speak.

    I won't go on about this : ) But you do mention it so often, it's hard to bite my tongue EVERY time.

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  19. Feynman was a few fries short of a happy meal

  20. Driftrue

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    Uh huh. Mm Hmm.
    And other dismissive noises.
    : )

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