lil upset...not looking too good....cant explain

Discussion in 'Cannabis Outdoors' started by budblower10, May 25, 2006.

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    i just got back from my spot. Im upset. There are two major problems, first one of my damn buckets is moved about 15 feet and dumped out. Now, i have had problems with buckets getting knocked over in the past by animals, but i dont see how this could be an animal. It was moved about 15 feet from its spot and dumped out on the middle of the main trail. It doesnt make sense. It has to be a human, no animal around here IMO is that strong or smart to move it like 15 feet away and dump it. But i dont understand how just this single plant was messed with. There are more like 10 feet from it and they werent touched. Someone had to see me go to it (doubt it), be lucky enough to walk by and see it (doubt it, its in brush like 20 feet off the trail - no reason for some1 to go theiir) or see it from the trail (impossible i would think). maybe it was little kids, but i dont see how they would have saw the single bucket and not the others. it doesnt make sense. i seriously doubt it was an animal, but i dont know how a human would see it. Maybe if lil kids were jus wandering through the woods (in massive sticker bushes) and saw it, but i would defintely think they would have seen the other 2-3 that are in the direct area (like 10 ft away). This is amazing to me and upsetting. the 2nd problem is the growth rate. I have one that looks like it should from what i have seen and compared to others. The rest are just slipping. They either....have the one cotyloen leaves (or however its spelled) and the first set of true leaves are there, but they are like stuck in the up position (sorta of like two hands together praying, but they should unfold down and become horizontal) They are just sticking straight up in the air touching each other. or the plant has the first set of true leaves and thats it. Shouldnt they be more advanced. most were transplanted from lil red cups into 8"inch pots 2 days ago, but they should still be growing. the others were started directly in 5 gallon pots and they are acting the same way. this is BS. i dont know why they arent growing rapidly. I mostly used straight potting mix with some perlite and one plant has some humus thrown into it, they all have crumbled leaves on top of the soil. they get good sun and im pretty sure i water then appropriatly. it doesnt make sense. i feel like everytime i return to my site, something will be wrong. i cant see them making it anothet 5 months, they cant even get thru the first. this is upsetting me, it should be fun to watch, not stressful and thats what it is to me. i cant explain why they arent growing. I have had like 7 buckets ruined by coons or something, i sprayed it with a garlic, pepper and soap spray and it seemed to work a lil, but one plant was eaten since i sprayed. i dont know why they all dont look like the good one, he has like 2-3 sets of leaves on it and is looking good. the rest look bad IMO and from what i hear from others. if u have any suggestions ill be glad to hear them, if not then i guess im just venting my feelings in writing lol. i hop yall grows are going better than i think mine is....also some of my cotyleon leaves are turned yellow. i have read alot and asked around alot and i thought i had it down alright, but i guess not, now i know what experienced growers mean when they say first growers are littered with problems. I hope it turns in my favor :$
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    Chill out and be patient. Your plants will appear to grow slowly at first if you have a one inch seedling and it takes a day to grow to two inches then in real terms it has doubled in size. Wait at least a couple of weeks to judge growth rate.
    It does sound as though you need to move them though. Like you say maybee kids found them. It may be hard to recognise what type of plant they are at there present size (unless your in the know). But why take any risks , I would move them.

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