Like Mother, Like Daughter??

Discussion in 'Hot and Horny' started by DroopySnoopy, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    I have always wanted to be with a nice, middle-aged woman and her daughter.
    Just a fantasy of mine. I imagine we all could teach each other many things!

    Is this okay with you guys??
  2. denimstar

    denimstar edge of darkness

    sure just take pics
  3. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

  4. kissya

    kissya Head Mistress

    I always wondered what it would be like to be with a father and his son....
  5. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    Damn. My parents are divorced. :p
  6. acoustic

    acoustic Member

    ha yeah

    i wondered one time what if my girlfriend and i were making out, and her mom walked in and got all upset and joined us. she seems like the type that doesnt get much action and would finally give into something like that but i doubt my girlfriend would join.
  7. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    :confused: it'd be too much like incest for me to manage
    but I've got hangups bout that sort of thing that not everyone else seems to
  8. kissya

    kissya Head Mistress

    I would not expect the father and son to do anything to each other....just to me......hehehhhe
  9. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    "No son, it's like I told you before...this end goes in, and that end comes out!"
  10. Rigamarole

    Rigamarole Senior Member

    Still. Please, don't even say that. I don't need the image of having sex while my dad is anywhere within a 10-mile radius.

    Though I would love to knock boots with a mother-daughter tag team, so I cheerfully support a double-standard. Hooray!
  11. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    My brother! Alright!
  12. kissya

    kissya Head Mistress

    How about a mother -daughter tag team and me...that would be hot..
  13. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    oh yes......

  14. fritz

    fritz Heathen

  15. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    You can join too, Fritz!
  16. denimstar

    denimstar edge of darkness

    Brothers are fun. ;)
  17. kissya

    kissya Head Mistress

    Hummmm, brothers....or sisters....hummmm
  18. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    yes.....sisters. :p yummmm!
  19. siimon palsy

    siimon palsy Member

    Oh, I know a set of sisters that I would love to get my hands on at the same time... That would be hot. :D
  20. whereami

    whereami Member

    The closest I've come to that was when I was with a much older woman. I was 23-24 & she was 42-43. We had an ongoing sexual releaionship that is still probably the best sex I've ever had. She had told me about her daughter that was coming back home to live with her & she was just 18 at the time. I had just seen her in pictures & thought she was pretty cute.

    Well when she moved back,believe it or not we both happened to be at the same party & I recognized her from her picture. She was very cute & I approached her by saying,"you may not know me but I'm a good friend of your mother's & I've seen your picture." Lol. It was pretty funny for her to wonder how me being so young would know her mother. Anyway,I think we exchanged emails & one thing led to another & started talking all kinds of dirty to each other about how good we looked to each other & all the dirty things I was going to do to her. She ate it up & I thought how cool is this going to be? I boned this chick's mother now I'm gonna nail the daughter!

    Well,it didn't happen. The daughter had asked her mother about me & she fucking told her that we were together for a time. So she comes back to me & says it ain't happening between us because it would be too incestuous. FUCK I was pissed!! But the daughter did say that her mother talked me up a good bit. :)

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