Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by jimaug87, May 7, 2007.

  1. jimaug87

    jimaug87 Member

    I do smoke a lot, but it doesn't take much to get me feeling good. I don't know if my tolerance will ever go up much either. I've smoked every night for the past 2 weeks, and I'm high right now off of 3 bongs hits.

    I like not needing much to get intoxicated. I say intoxicated because it applies for everything.

    Thoughts on the subject?...
  2. I used to be a lightweight. I think I still am, I'm not sure.
    Be glad that only a few hits takes you to get high. You won't use up as much, and you will save money. I only need a few hits to comfortabely high, but it takes alot for me to be fuck out of my mind. Hmm... I don't know if it's my tolerance or just how high I like being. Anyway, enjoy being lightweighted, it may go away.
  3. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    After my break my tolerance went way down. Now I am happy.

    Post 666. Shit.

    I got this on my total for a reciept the other day too.

    I'm going to hell.
  4. i must say i am a lightweight as well, i can usually get the desired effect from 3/4 hits which sometimes is enough to blow me out of my mind. while most my friends barely start feeling relaxed by that stage.

    i do enjoy it a lot though, no complains here... :D
  5. BudToker

    BudToker Senior Member

    I am such a damn lightweight. I will be baked off of half what it takes my friends to get pretty high off of. It's kinda hard because i don't wanna be baked sometimes because I wanna remember everything the next day and jsut be in a fun kinda high, but it's so damn hard to stop smoking once that bowl is being passed around! lol I can get nice and high off half a joint, really high off a full one, and baked off of 1 1/2. I actually kind of like it cause it means my weed lasts a hella long time! lol
  6. BudToker

    BudToker Senior Member out! lol im sure you'll eb fine.
  7. My tolerance seems to come and go spontaneously. Some nights I'll be blasted off of one bowl, other nights I can smoke a few bowls of the same weed and still feel more or less normal. I have noticed that my tolerance is gradually increasing though. The solution? Higher quality weed. Thank God I'm getting a raise in a month. :)
  8. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    i find its not hard to get high but its much harder to get proper stoned (and still high you know, not burned out sorta stone) than it once was
  9. slinkie

    slinkie Member

    I am so far from being a lightweight it isn't funny. I bet I could smoke a damned elephant under the table right now. It really sucks.

    I have to grow different strains to be able to feel the effects of weed. If I smoke the same strain for too long, it does absolutely zero for me. *sighs*
    What do ya do.
  10. i can only smoke good strains these days..otherwise i wont get as high..i can face a blunt at a time at this point..some nice sticky sativa mmm
  11. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

    why would you ever want to have to smoke over a gram to get high?>??
  12. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    yea, having a high tolerance kind of sucks. this one kid i know smokes head blunts of name brand weed to even feel it a little. since hes a dealer though, its only like 40 beans though. when 420 came i had a beast tolerance, but after a while it went down.
  13. DepTh

    DepTh Member

    ive been smokin for 3years and it can be as little as a pipe hit to bake me
  14. pianoperson60

    pianoperson60 Senior Member

    I love having low tolerance! Im starting to think my tolernace in going up tho....but I dont really think, I just think its cuz Ive smoked joints a lot lately, and with joints (Ive mixed with tobacco lately) you get that CRAZY headrush from the tobacco at first, but once that fades off, the weed high feels very dull compared to the headrush, so I think smokin pure is better.

    but yeah, i got low tolerance :)
  15. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    Im still a pretty big lightweight but not as much as i used to be. It used to take 1 hit to get high, i miss those days.
  16. ESP_Shredder

    ESP_Shredder Member

    I never realize how much of a heavyweight I am until I smoke with one of my friends who doesn't normally get high. He'll be blasted off a few hits while me and my other mad pothead friend take probably 15-20 hits each to get decently baked. I'll smoke about half-3/4 of a gram when I want to get REALLY stoned. Don't do that too often though.
  17. sHIP of fools

    sHIP of fools Member

    Im very much of a lightweight. The other day i took literally one hit of some haze and was sooooo gone for like 4 hours with effects tapering off for like 2 more hours. But somedays i smoke a hit and im only feeling a little relaxed. I guess i kind of waver, and it certainly depends on quality of the bud, but i find that when im toking with friends, im completely gone into the ozone layer after 4-5 hits and these folks are still packing bowls. I love the low tolerance!
  18. bbbeccaaa

    bbbeccaaa 12345678910

    I used to be unbelievably lightweight. One fairly small hit of mids-high mids would get me soaring. Now it takes me 1.5-2 bowls.
  19. Peter Popper

    Peter Popper Tripper

    im pretty sensitive to weed. dont smoke much anymore but today i smoked a bowl in the morning and was trippin heaps. then smoked like 5+ bowls like 3-4 hours later and was fine and drove straight away...crazy
  20. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    if i smoked a whole bowl to myself i don't think i'd be able to make munchies that didn't turn into an art project.

    i pack really small bowls and NEVER finish them to myself. unless i know i have the whole day/night alone. i'm such a lightweight. and it's awesome.

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