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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by tokercoder, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Hi, I'm tokercoder, a long time lurker but first time poster. I've been to Amsterdam twice, but it was years ago. I was a new cannabis smoker then and didn't know anything about the coffeeshop scene. After lurking on several websites for a long time, I feel 100% more prepared for my upcoming trip, and am very excited. I really appreciate the experts around here that help the rest of us out by answering questions and offering advice.

    (Apologies if you run into an almost identical post over on I just created my username over there today as well, but every post I tried generated error messages and I never saw any of them show up. So I thought I'd give it a try here...)

    I am thinking about collecting lighters on my next trip to Amsterdam. Don't a lot of coffeeshops sell souvenir lighters with their shop name on them?

    Anyhow, since you're technically not supposed to put lighters in your baggage when flying anymore, I figure I might end up losing them at the airport. So I'm thinking of sending a small package of souvenirs home through the mail.

    Where in Amsterdam do I find shipping supplies? Does the post office have boxes and packing tape, etc.? Or is there a particular shop or chain of shops that carry these items? A pharmacy perhaps?

    Thanks in advance,


    I think your talking about carrying a couple of dozen lighters and I'm pretty sure you will not get away with it in hand luggage. You might be lucky enough in your main luggage if your bag gets through, but it's a risk still. Use several bubble wrap envelopes and parcel tape and post them home via the Amsterdam Post Office. There is a high chance that the package will still get opened but as there is nothing illegal it should still get through. Maybe ask in the post office if you need to put a sticker on the package saying ''fragile'' or ''flammable'', I really don't know but that seems the right route to take.
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    I always assumed lighters can be packed into your main luggage (not carry on luggage)......

    I mean its not like you could retrieve them during the flight and use them for ill reasons while the plane is in the air.

    But postal mail is a simple solution to this problem if you have doubts....
  4. tokercoder

    tokercoder Member

    Thanks for the responses!

    But where in Amsterdam do I find shipping boxes, bubble wrap envelopes, etc? Will the Post Office have them?
  5. cadcruzer

    cadcruzer Sailing the 8 seas seems they have everything you need at the main post office.
  6. tokercoder

    tokercoder Member

    Thanks for the link, cadcruzer. Having everything at the post office should make things easy.

    I'm still curious as to where else these supplies could be purchased if needed, so anyone with info please reply.



    Umm, am I missing something here, am I a bit too stoned.?
    Take a small flat pack box or padded envelopes with you before leaving for your holiday. Failing that, plenty of stationery suppliers in Amsterdam centrum.
  8. PlasticFace

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    You can buy envelopes and stuff at the newsagents in central station. Their is also a post box directly outside the back entrance to the station.


    Quite right,
    but what ever the case you would still have to go to the Post Office to pay the correct postage in relation to the weight of the package, etc. Also, it's probably wise to send it via recorded delivery or what ever they call it in Dutch so that your guaranteed it arrives or your money back.

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