Lifetime imprisonment for guantanamo prisoners

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mui, Jan 4, 2005.

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    In a further twist to the Guantanamo prisoner saga, it's reported that the U.S. government is planning on imprisoning suspects for life even if they are unable to charge them in court due to lack of evidence. The plan is for the Guantanamo prison to be replaced by permanent cells in the bay itself and elsewhere.

    The Pentagon and CIA don't want to see prisoners suspected of 'terrorist activities' to be set free due to the lack of strong evidence. At a time when U.S. treatment of inmates in the Cuban bay has come under strong scrutiny, the move has been condemned by one leading Republican senator as a "bad idea" while another believes it's unconstitutional.

    In addition to the lifetime imprisonment, the Defense Department is planning on requesting for $25 million in funds in order to build a permanent prison known as Camp 6 as an accompaniment to Camp 5, which would 'house' detainees whom the U.S. cannot place in front of a military tribunal due to the lack of hard evidence.

    Another method proposed is the 'returnship' of detainees to their home countries such as Saudi and Yemen while other detainees have been subjected to 'rendition' – being handed over to countries that are staunch U.S. allies.

    These practices have been strongly condemned by human rights groups and come at a time when a leaked Red Cross report details the techniques used to extract information as "tantamount to torture". The report cites methods such as sleep deprivation, exposure to constant loud music and being shackled for long period of times to low chairs in order for the extraction of intelligence.
    Just more shit to piss you off.​
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    Wow mui your writing skills have improven. Why don't you post a link......I'd like to see your source.
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    It doesn't take much to know your writing skills because you don't write much. Provide a link or your story is worthless.

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