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  1. 6469

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    thwas thine side you might find why, I keep on thou charade
    some will say that this is just an endless circle of screaming
    faultering vangabond souls amlessly walking in this criptic
    mascarade, this masquerade as some will call it clams dominice,
    obentince, but as is there is no reality that we can clinch to
    all we have is this house that so dearly wants to be a home all
    we have is this humble abode...
    so is this the end
    of this whileing dervish, this helter skelter... is this the end,
    is this the end. will we really know? does ever answer begain with
    a question, this question of the one aimless nomad is only to begain
    again with onece has been asked? this is the circle one dirt. ashes
    to ashes, dust to dust if you must.

    I think that I'm not quite done I need to lenghtin and change some of the wording.​
  2. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    Cool poem! :)
  3. myself

    myself just me

    pretty cool
  4. 6469

    6469 Member

    thanks for the kudos
  5. Irish Hippy

    Irish Hippy Member

    thats nice :)

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