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Discussion in 'The Future' started by Sian Jade, May 26, 2007.

  1. Sian Jade

    Sian Jade Member

    Today we have bigger houses yet smaller families.
    More convenience, but less time.
    We have more degrees but less common sense.
    More knowledge, but less judgement.
    We have more experts, but more problems.
    More medicine, but less good health.
    We spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry too quickly, stay up too late, read too little, watch TV too much And are less considerate.
    We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values.
    We talk too much, laugh too little and lie too often.
    We have learnt how to make a living, but not a life.
    We have added years to life, but not life to years.
    We have taller buildings, but shorter tempers.
    Wider roads, but narrower view points.
    We spend more, but have less.
    We buy more, yet enjoy it less.
    We have been all the way to the moon and back; but have trouble crossing the road to meet our neighbours.
    We've conquered our outer space, but not our inner space.
    We've split the atom, but not our prejudice.
    We write more, learn less,------------plan more, but accomplish less.
    We have learnt to rush, but not to wait.
    We have higher incomes, but lower morals.
    We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies, but have less personal communication.
    We are long on quantity, but less in quality.
    These are the times of fast food and slow digestion.
    Tall men and short character.
    More leisure but less fun-more kinds of food, but less nutrition.
    Two incomes, but more divorce.
    Nicer houses but broken homes.
    That is why i propose, that as of today, you do not keep anything for special occasions, because every day you live is a special occasion. Life is moments of enjoy and not just about surviving.
    Remove phrases like 'one of these days,' 'someday,' and 'not now,' from your vocabulary; write that letter you thought of writing 'one of these days.'
    Lets tell our families and friends how much we love them.
    Do not delay anything that adds laughter and joy to your life.
    Every day, every hour, and every minute is special, as you do not know if it will be your last.
  2. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    i've heard that somewhere! i forget who said it. i would hazard a guess it was either molly fisk, or abu jamal, but most likely it was someone else entirely.

    but i HAVE heard it. and on kvmr. and at least once there sometime in the last six months.

    and of course i do aggree, my observations agree, having lived long enough to have seen many things more then one way, with most of it.

    yes, one of these days never comes, or at least not untill it stops being one of and becomes this. but i take exception to the abondoning of caution. and the 'magic' of 'family love' actualy contradicts some of its own observations. those would be pretty much my only caveats though.

    i do own a tv. its burried on a major lump of dust in the corner where it sits neglected. i find computers so much more fun. i used to get out and walk more, but the town i live in, like many towns these days, is not of such a nature as encourages me to do so, or at least not as much as the amount of time i spend on this net.

    i also don't own a car nor a cell phone. i'm not against all tecnologies, only certain ones, and the values that have led to them, and the more harm then good they, and those values have done.

    i think that demonizing everything that doesn't kiss the ass of little green peices of paper has been a major contribution to brining about those conditions observed and described.

    that is one of the major policies that needs to chainge.


  3. Sian Jade

    Sian Jade Member

    I don't know who origionally wrote it but my dad told it me and i thought it was pretty cool amd very inspirational.
    I do own a cell phone (though this is mainly for safety reasons,) i watch a small amount of TV; and I use the internet regularly (mainly for homework) eventhough i have found that by reading books i learn loads more, the internet is a lot quicker and more convenient. [​IMG]
  4. ~AmyLeeLoo~

    ~AmyLeeLoo~ Member

    Awesome post. I liked very much.
    Makes us think.
  5. legend 1967

    legend 1967 Member

    Sian Jade, thanks for posting
  6. Magical Fire Lady

    Magical Fire Lady Senior Member

    Yeah I really like that.

    Everyone is obsessed with making money and having jobs but I just think there are so much more important things in life that have nothing to do with money.
  7. Lion

    Lion Member

    That was pretty cool. I liked it.[​IMG]
  8. O yes these are the days.
  9. Wormed

    Wormed Member

    It's just the same thing written over and over again using different words, but I still agree. We can't focus on the task at hand, and therefore nothing gets resolved... or really progresses. I sure hope some sort of a change happens soon, because we're treating this home of ours pretty poorly.
  10. noachianite

    noachianite Member

    Thats soooo true!!
  11. ErikShade

    ErikShade Member

    This is the most " real " thing i have ever read.
    thank you for posting it
    life is not about money,
    money's there to enhance your life
    u work to live not live to work

    ppl go to school to get an eduaction where the moneys at
    not good
    i go to school where im passionette
    bc i want to expand my passion , bc its gona be my life

    Societys got its priorities wrong

    anyways Fuk it

    philosipher "chomsky" once said
    "the government is just a shadow of bussnesses"
  12. 0817

    0817 Member

  13. trekker

    trekker Intrepid Traveler

    Something has to change. Civil rights and technology are increasing, but people are getting fatter and layzier. We can't let machines rule our life, and we can't let other people dictate how we should act and behave. Notice how we have so much trouble just getting a live person on the phone. We also have to be strong individually and we need to be responsible. Everyone is responsible for themselves. I don't advocate anarchy. I advocate peace and love. The stronger we are as individuals and the less reliant we are on technology the better we can serve our brothers and sisters on Earth. Our lives are connected. The past is a collective thing. Past is tradition and culture. We can't let culture die. We can't let individualism die.
  14. 0817

    0817 Member

    How can we be less reliant on technology if we live in a society that's built on technology?
  15. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse Member

    Welcome friend, to the oblivion called civilization.
  16. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse Member

    Hey! Sweet! Never seen insurgentdesire before.... more Zerzan!
  17. bluflame

    bluflame Member

    its kinda sad how true that statement is

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