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Discussion in 'Libertarian' started by bricklayer, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Liberty is authority over and responsibility for self.

    Libertarianism advocates prohibiting or mandating away only that fraction of a percentage of liberty that maximizes the liberty secured.

    Anarchy (100% liberty) cannot be maintained among two or more.

    For every measure of liberty there is a concomitant and commensurate measure of responsibilty. As [we] progressively make more and more personal-responisibilities public, [we] establish a concomitant and commensurate public-authority.

    Beware of those who would relieve you of your personal-responibilities.
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    I think what you are talking about here is actually "privileges" not liberty. Liberty is the ability to retain what amounts to privacy in the public arena, which is much like saying I have to turn my head and look the other way while you do whatever it is that offends me since it is the exercising your rights. Say for instance you have a pistol strapped to your side and someone takes offense. You have the right, hence the liberty to be in the public, hence interfering with you regarding it is off limits. How about you decide you want to pee down a sewer as you pass by, as disgusting that may be, you technically would or should have the liberty to do so. I would remark what an asshole you were if there were children present otherwise I would shrug it off as disgusting, but I certainly would not pass a law against it.

    Technically same thing with the inside of a car, it is your private area and though courts bastardized it an officer looking into your windows is trespassing on your private property just as if you were in your house. Now that gets a bit squirrely and delicate to argue on a practical level when we bring crime into it, such as the smoking gun on the dashboard and the body in the back seat LOL, or when there is money to be made should they see an open container and can fine you into bankruptcy, but none the less it is technically correct. LOL

    Just for kicks I did a quick check on wiki with which I typically find wanting for seriously good references, however was fairly impressed with their writeup on liberty. Pretty much says the same thing generally.
  3. Red Fox VII

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    Liberty for me is sanctuary from rampant capitalism and the tyrannical corporate influence of the pigs who thrive in it.

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