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Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by ralyks, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. ralyks

    ralyks Member

    Hello every one! I have never posted anything in this forum before, but writing is one of my passions and I feel I should share.

    I've been trying to force myself to do some creative writing every night. I need to practice to get better, eh? And so I find some sort of prompt, put on some Icelandic Sigur Ros music, and write. I've been working on adding dialogue lately, because I tend to stray away from writing conversation.

    Here's one of my favourite attempts (from a couple of days ago)

    oh, and sorry for the lack of capitals. When I do these little creative writing exercises, I tend to just write and write and let it all flow out and not worry about the technical things.


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