LESSON: Songs to the Everyday

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by lovelyxmalia, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. lovelyxmalia

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    Writing Toward Home - Georgia Heard

    Songs to the Everyday

    Write an ode (don't worry about the form), a chant, in praise of the ordinary things in your life that you feel grateful for. Choose something that's common and everyday, then exalt it.
  2. kylepott

    kylepott Member

    the long branches, that hang down from the sky
    your wide stump, thicker than my thigh.
    an abundance of leaves, to many to count
    as many times as i tried, a horendous amount.
    thank you for the air you give me, as i run and play
    it smells fantastic, i could breath it all day.
    to the skinny ones, that noone likes,
    your still usfull, just hold up our bikes.
    to the really big ones sometimes TO wide,
    your so protective, you give me a great place to hide.
    and the ones that are good just to climb
    your my favorite, best fun of all time.
    so heres to the trees that no one takes notice
    ill keep you safe, i promise i wont blow this
  3. moongazer

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    this is called "Lovely". i wrote it about my friend kate Love-Bead.
    it's about friendship & nature.

    So much can be said about her.
    Her warmth is seen in the rays of sun
    caressing the petals of still-growing blossoms.
    Her love is felt in the breeze that
    winds the leaves around my grooving body.
    Her peace-waves travel,
    across deep waters of ocean,
    into my soul.

    I sit alone under a tree; his glorious branches stroking my shoulders as he says:
    "Don't be so sad, smile, my daughter-smile."

    But it's hard to smile
    as I sit in the sun-drenched dew,
    wishing she were here with me.

    So I stand.

    Brushing the dirt from my already-dirty jeans,
    I get up,
    arms outstretched towards dawn.

    Sunlight tickles my palms
    as love dances across rosy cheeks;
    tear-filled eyes.

    She whispers my name into the warm wind
    as she wraps her arms around me from across the deep waters of ocean.

    Still embracing her,
    we sit down-
    and watch morning sky smother us in Mother Earth's kisses.
    True peace.
    True beauty.
    True love.....a true friend.

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