Lenin A Good guy or a Madman! [Answered]

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  1. I have read a lot of books on Lenin,and I asked all sorts of people,on what they think of Lenin,i have gathered all this information and i would love to start my presentation now.

    Ok one,two,three go!

    [​IMG] Introduction About Lenin

    Now Lenin was a man who was highly respected by the Bolsheviks (and other people as well) who was sent to Siberia under the Tsars orders. When the Russian Revolution came about. He Came back from Siberia,and he putted the end to Tsars regime. But on his way of establishing a better system,he also made some mistakes,and of course people always hear and remember the bad thinks first,and they simply forget the good things he did.

    [​IMG] Good Or Bad?

    So the first think I was told was that he was a good man,and that he really wanted to change life better for his people. He was also known for being a kind and generous man,but he was harsh and cruel to his enemies,a reason for that is because he's brother got killed by totalitarian government.
    Many people disliked him because of “murders and starvation” he created,but I must deny this.
    HE COULD NOT do anything about it. Russia already starved and he tried to fix the problem. But the Tsar had already wasted nearly all the money on beating down the revolution. So he could not use money on farms and other facilities that would pump more food on the peoples tables. Now when it comes to murdering. Yes executed... FEW people. But did you know this? Executions was popular back then. It was used in Russia (tsar) ÙSSR, USA, UK, The second Reich (Prussia), The second Reich (Germany). Lets just say it was used everywhere. So everyone was a mass murderer back then? No they were not. Because that was the law back then. Kill or be killed. When I get into debates with people was Lenin a good/bad guy they are almost always from US,so if you get into a similar debate just use:Americans worship Lincoln even though he was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice lives for the greater good,...
    So in the end this always depends on your politics.

    But unfortunately I must add some bad stuff so if you will debate an smart guy you will be prepared to admit some certain things.
    From the very beginning of his takeover of the Russian government, he was an advocate of "mass terror against enemies of the revolution". In his campaign to confiscate the property of the churches, he wrote "We must put down all resistance with such brutality that they will not forget it for several decades. The greater the number of representatives of the reactionary clergy and reactionary bourgeoisie we succeed in executing the better." As a result, thousands of priests, monks, and nuns were murdered. Just a small example of his brutality. But you must imagine how hard and on what pressure those people were in that times it does not surprise me that they have responded with such kind of brutality on the oppressors.

    [​IMG] So in my summary I will just say this:

    What people are taught in school and from media as history then forms what they think of as "facts".
    But there are two sides to every story. Some things about him were good and some were bad.
    in case that you have a friend in America, then he is coming from a country that hates everything that Lenin stood for. Consider that he might have been the victim of propaganda... Some of the things that he have heard about Lenin are false or exaggerated. ( Thank science im from Ex-Yugoslavia and that I have an communists teacher that gave me 4 books that were written by Lenin)
    Lenin, as I understand it, was a political genius in that he could translate the abstract writings of Marx into practical ideas that could be used in a country as Russia. Many of the things he said are relevant for todays society.In the 1930s the change in Russia and the USSR was astonishing - foreigners who visited were blown away. The Russians had gone from a people of mostly oppressed illiterate and starving peasants to a modern and forward thinking superpower.
    Things were getting better. They took a horrible beating in the war, but without the USSR, Germany would have won....
    The old Russia probably would not have been able to fight like the USSR did. Things got better and better up until about the 1970s. I think. None of this would have happened without Lenin.One might think of "The maximum amount of benefit to the largest possible group of people" as an indicator of whether something is bad or good. Would Russia have been better off if Lenin had never been born?
    I would say no Russia would be some third world country if there wasnt for Lenin!

    This is my post from an communist forum I was apart for some time.

    Peace :sunny:
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaK-l0bPyY0"]Lenin.. Biography of The Great Vladimir Lenin Voice of Revolution - - YouTube
  3. anababin

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    hi, i'm from russia. russia is a really strange place. it's hard to explain. it's not scary. the people are kind of cold and scary. there are lot of criminals, but they usually come from strange backgrounds. its hard to explain the ambievce. if you've ever seen a goosebumps movie, it's like that. at the same time all the children are very happy and get to play outside. but there are a lot of drug addicts.
  4. Ajay0

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    Lenin was a good man . He had good intentions of improving the working conditions and prosperity of the lower classes by liberating them from the oppression of the feudalists ,as he took it to be.

    However his failure lied in failing to create a good pipeline of leaders for the future, and allowing the system to be so incompetent as to allow a scoundrel and rascal like Stalin to become president after him. Leon Trotsky would have been a much better president than Stalin, and he would not have allowed the Soviet Union to bleed by the war against the Nazis the way Stalin did.

    It is Stalin's excesses and incompetence which undid the Soviet Union , more than anything, and his is a good case study for the rest of the world to learn on what not to do while in power.
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  5. Pressed_Rat

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    A total psychopathic mass-murderer responsible for 4 million deaths (and that is the official number -- in actuality, he likely killed many more). Not a good person.

    Support Lenin and you might as well sing praise for Hitler also.

    I never understand why some people on the left, who are supposedly peaceful people, support killers like Che Guevara and Lenin.
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    Lenin supported the unprivileged working class people and poor of all countries. I am not aware of any so-called genocides committed by him, though he probably prevented genocides by disavowing war.

    The International Socialist Congress, Stuttgart 1907 constructed a unified policy to deal with what was seen as the growing menace of "militarism and international conflicts".

    Lenin on his interpretation of the first world war which killed and injured over 20 million people stated thus...

    "The [First World] war is being waged for the division of colonies and the robbery of foreign territory; thieves have fallen out–and to refer to the defeats at a given moment of one of the thieves in order to identify the interests of all thieves with the interests of the nation or the fatherland is an unconscionable bourgeois lie."

    The european aristocrats had frequently engaged in battles and wars for centuries, for the sake of prestige and avenging insults, with the common people forced into soldiering and as cannon fodder.

    Later on the imperialist nations started doing the same.

    Lenin was able to see the farce of all this, and helped to bring out internationalism and solidarity among the workers and poor of all nations so that they will not be exploited thus in the name of imperial or national glory by chauvinists.

    Similarly Che Guevara was a doctor and soldier who started working to empower the unprivileged and poor of Latin America and to prevent their exploitation by the rich and capitalists.

    Here is a memorable quote by Che, " We brought ten thousand head of cattle to the Sierra one day and said to the peasants, simply, "Eat". And the peasants, for the first time in years and years, some for the first time in their lives, ate beef."

    It shows his compassion for the poor and underprivileged, and this is one of the reasons why his posters are the most popular among students all over the world.

    Stalin could be addressed as a dictatorial mass-murderer along with Mao who killed around 20 million people in the cultural revolution in China. However to put Lenin and Che Guevara in the same league as Stalin and Mao is as ludicrous as putting Abraham Lincoln in the same league as Richard Nixon .
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    Lenin was a stooge who was supporedt by New York's intelligentsia, which, of course, is an oxymoron.

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