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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by JacobCaine, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Based on what I know about 25I-NBOMe, it seems like this is the kush or bath salts version of LSD. I recently bought 2 hits of this stuff (as LSD) a few days ago and embarked on what I thought was my first acid trip. I only took one blotter of the substance but was completely blown away as I had quit doing psychedelics and smoking weed a while ago. The initial Euphoria and overall sense of well being and all knowingness was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I took the most amazing shower and did other random things and had an amazing time doing it. During the trip, though. I realized I could not "get it up" It felt like vasoconstriction in my penis which freaked me the fuck out. The trip took about an hour and a half to kick in and lasted for about 4-5. The comedown was terrible, but I bared through it. I could not sleep for the life of me and ended up passing out several hours later for about 17 hours. Upon awakening everything was back to normal except a more creative edge I experienced. I felt wittier and just happier about life than I had in awhile. Unfortunately these glowing after effects did not last long. Overall for what it's worth, it's pretty nice. I thought it was acid until I decided to read some more stories on these forums. The NBOME had a metallic taste and the inside of my mouth felt like it had been burned or numbed. I will still search for LSD but NBOMe is definitely something worth doing imo. I'm going to be dosing again this thursday since I have no Friday classes and a house all to my self (house sitting). I'm looking forward to it. Anybody have any similar experiences or crazy stories on NBOMe that are worth reading?
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    Here is a TR from me on it...

    Ok comments on 25i-NBOME but I don't think its correct to categorize it as legal acid. you should approach these NBOME chems with a level of caution and respect and don't let its legal status fool you into thinking it's a chemical that doesn't come with potential risks. You have already experienced some side effects from one trip, it'd probably be better to space your dosings out to a frequency of once a month if not longer.
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    I thought this was gona be about AL-Lad or LSZ. I'm sick of hearing about 25i. We need more info on these lysergicides.
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    I just named it legal acid to get attention haha. I compare it to those legal alternatives to marijuana or coke because although the effects may be similar there is risk involved. I most likely wont be doing it again after this trip on thursday

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