Leaving A*ville heading North

Discussion in 'Find-A-Ride' started by DragonSlayer, May 21, 2004.

  1. DragonSlayer

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    please delete this post.

    Trip is long since over with. Got more planned for this summer
  2. theworldisyours

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    Yes!! ill call man , i need a ride up north to pennsylvania and i live in tennessee. if you get this dont leave yet, cuz im calling today<27th>
  3. Rockstock2004

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    Man Dragon Slayer, you true SOB. Your post from your place to PA for that poor 15 year old kid was made 5 minutes after his. You KNOW you just did it to get a response from him. Getting his damn hopes up, and all to see his family, all for a good 5 second laugh you harsh bastard...........ever in Cali, call me up, ill give you a swift kick in the shitter you heartless prick... Im going to Allentown,PA this summer, leaving from California. My route is California, to Allentown, then back to North Carolina, then to Joplin, Southwest MIssouri where Im gonna move to. Im leaving summerwise, so dude, ill take you. you are 15, but have a motive to get to your moms. i dont mind smoking, and its chill, so you have my ride to PA.

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