Leaves growing pale with brown spots

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pests and Problems' started by alti117, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. alti117

    alti117 Member

    hey everyone, im on my first grow and for about the past month iv been having a problem with only my 1 monther plant. at first we would just find a coupple old leaves with spots on them and pick them off but now about 50% of the plant is covered in pale ish leaves with brown/rusty dots allong the veins. the plant is growing in mirical grow soil and we give it just a little merical grow fert every coupple times we watter. i'v also checked on the bottom for spider mites because iv heard they can be seen but they seem to be clean. the pic shows tehm pretty good but i would be thankful for any ideas as to what i could be dealing with. thanks
  2. fishheadbob

    fishheadbob Member

    My $.02. First check your ph; if it's within normal limits then consider a calcium deficiency. If it's calcium, mix up a light solution of dolomitic lime and water, lightly mist the leaves, hope for the best.
  3. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    He said the MG word. MG is notorious for a lack of magnesium. So follow^ but consider adding a tsp of epsom salts to a gallon of water when feeding. You can also make foliar spray. Going cheap on nutrients comes at a cost.
  4. alti117

    alti117 Member

    alright thanks for the advice, i agree with you on nutes and id like to upgrade soon but unfortunatly money can go out a lot faster than it can come in :(
  5. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    I know my man. However, MG can produce a wonderful crop and if careful, with adding what MG lacks you will be well pleased. Now you know when someone says "the plant will tell you what it needs" they are referring to. Just remember you do not need to fertilize every watering and repotting is good for them.

    Good Luck and Keep us posted!
  6. alti117

    alti117 Member

    alright so iv been feeding the mother plants on a more controled schedual and they are looking a lot more green and healthy but the spots continue to take over the healthy leaves. the spots are also on a second mother plant now. still no signs of insects that might be causing the problem. i plan on buying a ph tester soon, any suggestions on what type of tester i would want for use in soil?
  7. greenthumbs

    greenthumbs Member

    Get a magnifing glass and look at the under side of your leaves. Look along the veins and you might see little tiny black specks, those are spider mites and require a whole different set of cures.
  8. alti117

    alti117 Member

    new updates.
    ok so now all but two of our mother plants have the spots. 1 of the 2 used to have the spots but some how it got rid of them? all of our clones from the mothers had no problem with spots untill now. the plants in vedge have no problem surviving it, our oldest mother which is about 5 months old has had the problem for about 3 months but every time we prune all the bad leaves off she grows good new ones and then they die off but the plant itself survives. the problem is when we flower, the leaves die off and new ones wont grow to replace them so the plant looses energy to bud. i have looked all over the leaves on all the plants with a regular magnifing glass and i cant see any specks of any color on either the bottom of the leaves or tops. we have tried flushing them many times. changed our fert, which is now regular mirical grow for vedging. will one of thoes ph testers they have at hardware stores with the long prong and green case with a dial work? iv seen them for about 7$
  9. alti117

    alti117 Member

    is it possible that our city water could have calcium in it? possibly causing the soil to have too much. we usualy let our bottles sit over night to let anything in the water air out but i dont think calcium would.

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