Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by McConnell, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. McConnell

    McConnell Member

    Anyone looking for Leather Jackets, pants, shirts, and other leather articles?
    [​IMG] Check out my site!
  2. McConnell

    McConnell Member

    Hey!! Have you been to my site since the last time I posted today?I dropped a lot of prices. So, if you saw an item, that you were interested in, go back and check again, as it won't last long.
  3. Your site link isn't active.

    Do you make leather articles? I'm looking for bullet/cartridge holding bandoleros.

    Got any of those? Can you make 'em?

  4. McConnell

    McConnell Member

    My computer was down for a couple of hours. Sorry. No, I don't make any of it, I just sell it.As for a bandalero, I don't carry them. I'm not sure where you clicked, but if you click on my name it will take you to my profile, where you can click on the link with FSC in it. It's working now as I just tried it.Thanks for your interest.
  5. McConnell

    McConnell Member

    How about a Leather Halter top?
  6. McConnell

    McConnell Member

    Did you check out the halter top,Lotusblossum?
  7. McConnell

    McConnell Member

    There is still time left on this sale

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