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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by RainbowSquidney, Jan 6, 2005.

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    During pregnancy, when is it normal for your breasts to start leaking?

    I'm 26 weeks and last night, I noticed them leaking a little, enough to leave spots on my shirt. It kind of scares me because I don't remember leaking at all with my first until after she was born.

    I've had pretty strong Braxton-Hicks for a couple of weeks and I'm so worried about pre-term labor. I've mentioned the contractions to my doctor and, of course, she says to not worry, it's normal (she says that about everything).

    Am I being overly paranoid? :confused:
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    Leaking is prettty normal and in a lot of mamas will happen more with subsequent pregnancies (I started leaking with my first one at about 20 weeks and even earlier with the others, I was like "Hey, these work!")

    If you are having REGULAR contractions, or have even one hour where you have more than 3 or 4 contractions, call your doc, she can monitor you for a few hours, if you are worried about preterm labor. I had preterm labor with all my kids, and it was no fun. But I was having really regular contractions, every 3 or so minutes, for more than an hour.

    Did your doctor SEE you before she said not to worry? It may be nothing more than a few strong BH contractions, but she should take your concern seriously.

    Blessings, I hope everything will be OK,

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    Subsequent pregnancies can have Braxton-Hicks contractions that knock you off your feet! Your uterus remembers it's job, it's more stretched out than the first, and it has to work harder to stay toned.

    If your contractions go away when you change your activity, they are nothing to worry about. If they are coming more than 4 an hour, drink loads of water and go lay down. They should stop. If they do not stop, or become more intense with change of activity, then you need to call your doc.
    What increases your risk for pre-term labour;
    A history of preterm labour.
    A urinary tract infection
    A vaginal infection
    Maternal age <18
    Poor nutrition
    multiple gestation (twins or more)

    If you are at risk for pre-term labour, there are herbal tinctures, ike Welcome Womb, that calm an irritable uterus.
    But Braxton hicks are normal and healthy, like a work out for your uterus. And as you get closer to the end, they actually help efface your cervix and bring it forward.

    Many women leak a considerable amount during pregnancy, it's totally normal, and doesn't mean much of anythng. Some ladies leak breastmilk, and some don;t, but it doesn't reflect the amount of milk she is producing.
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    Thanks Maggie and Brighid. You are both a wonderful help.

    As for the leaking, I'm glad to hear that's normal.

    And my BH aren't regular. Very sporadic throughout the day. Usually have maybe 6-7 all day. They are pretty strong and like you said, Brighid....they can knock me off my feet! I guess that's what surprised me. I just wasn't expecting them to be painful.
    I'm glad to hear this is pretty normal and that my body is working like it is supposed to.

    Thanks for calming my paranoia! :&
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    your body sounds like its just preparing.
    keep monitoring, as B said.

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