Laughter, Eyes Watering, Oh The Irony

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by osiris, May 19, 2004.

  1. osiris

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    My Answer by Billy Graham(Syndicated in the Indystar yesterday)
    Cult May Cloud Aunt's Vision

    Dear Billy Graham: My aunt keeps sending me books and pamphlets about the religious group she belongs to. She's kind of fanatical about it, although my mom says it's a cult, and she's probably right. How can I politely tell her not to keep after me, and yet not offend her? - P.L.

    Dear Reader: Members of religious cults are often strongly convinced that they, and they alone, are right, and everyone else is wrong. Your aunt may very well be like this. Unfortunately, members of cults also are hard to convince that they might be wrong. Some cults have a very strong central leader, whom their members are afraid of resisting.
    Other cults make their members proud that they alone know the truth. The Bible warns us that pride often blinds us to God: "In his pride the wicked does not see him; in all his thoughts there is no room for god." (Psalm 10:4)
    Pray for your aunt, and ask God to show her truth- which is the good news about Jesus. Down inside she is on a spiritual search- and only the living God can satisfy her hunger.

    *wipes away tears streaking down cheeks as chuckles threaten to erupt into fresh laughter*

    much love :)
  2. Sebbi

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    You can't help but think: "Aww, they are SOOO cute."


  3. FreakyJoeMan

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    Heh, heh. :D
  4. 7river

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    "The Bible warns us ..."

    ha! yes this is irony inside irony!
  5. irony oft results from overcofidence
    our own mother is being raped
  6. Iconoclast

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    Osiris, you just made my day. :D
  7. sassure

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  8. nimh

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    beautiful! LOL
  9. osiris

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    laughter is the elixir of life!


    much love :)
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  11. Sage-Phoenix

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    Yeah I love the irony too :D

    Far as I can tell the only diffrence between a cult and relgion is the cult leader is still alive, whilst the founder of a religion has to be dead and surrounded by myth.

  12. Thanks for that. :D LMAO.

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