Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by Peace Attack, Jan 7, 2005.

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    Humans are so strange. Whenever they find something amusing a weird noise come out of their mouths.

    What exactly is a laugh anyways?
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    the scientific reason for a laugh and what it is, i don't know and don't care, but i believe laughs are over enjoyment and you cannot control what comes out of you, all your muscles and everything else in you goes nuts and same with you smile when you laugh, you cannot control it, that's why people laugh at the wrong times, like when you really feel bad or you break something expensive, you just laugh.
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    I laugh ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it makes me feel good, and sometimes it makes me feel like a fool. But luckily, it makes me feel good more often than foolish. So I keep doing it.
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    I read in a book once that laughing developed from crying. Crying is present from birth and is a widespread sound in the animal kingdom (high pitched wails), but laughter doesn't develop for a few months. It's arrival coincides with parental recognition. At this point it starts becoming afraid of other adults, mainly just attaching to the mother.

    Now, with this fear of adults and attachment to the mother, a child might be faced with mixed signals from mom. If she startles the baby, what should he do? It's mom, so it's ok, but it's scary, so should he cry? This dilemma only occurs once the mother is seen as an individual, rather than just a general source of distressing stimuli. So now the mother can give a double signal: "this may seem scary, but because i'm your mother, your protector and nurturer, you need not fear." At this, the baby gives a response that is half cry and half parental-recognition-gurgle. At least, that's how it evolved; laughter is now a fully developed signal.
  5. Professor Jumbo

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    Well that sounds a bit fishy to me. It sounds a lot fishy actually. Do you know what research yieled those results?

    Laughing is fun. I laugh at or find funny things that most people would think suck. We were all driving in a car to D.C. the driver was a bit of a crazy man and a very bad driver and nearly ended up killing us all on the D.C. beltway. As it turned out nobody was hurt at all, but we did cause a big traffic jam. I thought that it was funny, everybody else in the car was pissed, and pissed at me for laughing about it.
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    Nobody should feel foolish while having a good time :)

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